2 thoughts on “Syria Explained – From a Marxist Viewpoint

  1. Oh my God! This is a perfect example of what is wrong with the United States of America! Brian Becker is a reprobate! I will not speak to anyone of this kind of mentally disturbed mind. This guy is spewing Moonbat Gibberish! Does any one think that we orchestrated the Arab Spring and that the end result will be the establishment of proxy regimes throughout the Arab world? I am ashamed of how my country has allowed nasty people like Mr. Becker to enjoy freedom and the good life while serving the interests of our enemies. This guy is a talking parrot for the left! The lies that keep coming out of him are legion! I will say this, when he talks about Yugoslavia as a contrived plot from my government, let me remind mr. pecker that it was a democrat regime that sent in our troops, who are still there today. Also, it had the backing of the intelligentsia, especially Leon Wieseltier (I hope I spelled his name correctly), who he said that genocide was going on in Yugoslavia. So how come no one complains about our troops being in Yugoslavia? Hmm!

    1. Pierce, You know what I find astonishing? everybody keeps talking about all these other people that are dangerous to the Western way of life, people need to do some indepth research on this fellow, their belief is to completely destroy and eradicate Western Civilization!
      “The ‘Black’ Pope: The Most Powerful Man In The World? Count Hans Kolvenbach-The Jesuit’s General”

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