9 thoughts on “Super Committee or “Gang of 12” is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, PERIOD!!!!

  1. who wants to live past 2016 and not be told you can’t love the Lord Jesus do something to get Obama impeached BEFORE SUMMER 2016 what about the SENATE are they bought too! Obama won’t even back Hilary and she stands by him. No scruples Hilary!!!!

  2. Ours, the United States of America, is a nation “flawed” by design.

    Determined and ceaseless assaults on our Constitution, unencumbered speech, and individual freedoms are wreaking a heavy toll on this beloved Republic of ours.

    We are, on the precipice of losing our Republic. I see little or no interest for even a modicum of civil discourse within the arena of political ideas. On the contrary, in addition to the worst instincts of partisan politics the “fourth estate” seems intent on thwarting any attempts for civility by its demonstrable disinclination and inability to objectively observe and unbiasedly report. Still, even against these formidable obstacles hope remains for our Republic yet, one which resides within an informed and politically engaged electorate and an intentionally “flawed” government.

    In his book, The Ground Truth, John Farmer explains why our national security infrastructure failed to uncover and prevent 9/11. In it he describes how America’s constitutional system of government was designed to work, while also offering insights into the mindset of its founders at that time. He cites both Amy Zegart, a UCLA political science professor, and James Q. Wilson, a foremost conservative author with a PhD in political science specializing in American government, to support his ideas. According to Professor Zegart, ours is a system of government “flawed by design.” Dr. Wilson explains:

    “Many, if not most of the difficulties we experience in dealing with government agencies arise from the agencies being part of a fragmented and open political system….The central feature of the American constitutional system — the separation of powers — exacerbates many of these problems. The government of the United States was not designed to be efficient or powerful, but to be tolerable and malleable. Those who devised these arrangements always assumed that the federal government would exercise few and limited powers. As long as that assumption was correct (which it was for a century and a half) the quality of public administration was not a serious problem except in the minds of those reformers (Woodrow Wilson was probably the first) who desired to rationalize government in order to rationalize society [rationalize in the sense of applying modern methods of efficiency]. The American government distrusts the concentration of power, and information…is power.”

    Most Americans, too, distrust a concentration of power in government especially when in the hands those who would, if not checked, gleefully apply their power and those “modern methods of efficiency” to their lives. To restate Dr. Wilson’s conclusions, our Republic’s government was not designed to be efficient or powerful. Those qualities are, however, certainly useful and desirable of government when used to combat America’s enemies foreign or domestic, but as they affect individual lives and their commerce, they are better used in small quantities.

    With individuals and commerce, it’s preferable government’s powers be few and limited, and that its efficiencies leave adequate room for tolerance and flexibility. Our founding fathers knew this intuitively.

    America’s founding documents, as their authors wrote them, were intended to instill in the minds of America’s citizenry those very same sentiments -– in perpetuity –- and with expectations their meanings and intents would forever remain unchanged by the shifting vagaries of later generations. As regards the U.S. Constitution, some would say with disdain this makes me a “Constitutional Absolutist.” So what? With pride and pleasure I gladly accept the label.

    The federal government was not designed, nor intended, to intrude into the routine business of individual States or in the lives of their citizens to the extent that it does today. This state of affairs has largely and gradually come about through “political correctness” and by the re-invention and corruption of our language by those who choose not see the proper role of government as our founders did and so defined it. And, we are now the poorer for it. As a major consequence many in and out of government have been emboldened to increase their assaults upon our Creator-endowed freedoms and constantly interfere in the affairs of commerce.

    Still, the original intents, meanings, and truths set forth by the authors of our founding documents, especially The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, have in actuality remained unchanged. Through remembrance and an active, tireless re-dedication to those truly unique ideals, first revealed by our Creator to our founders then, boldly embodied in those seminal and timeless documents, we may still reclaim what’s been lost thus far — for ourselves and our posterity.

  3. Democrats are famous for using “super” groups. They have super delegates that override the will of their people when they do not pick the right candidate in a primary.

    Anywhoo, I have a feeling that not many of our representatives will stand against this super group because it is an election year.

    No one wants to put their career up on the firing line, and they want to be shielded from unpopular and probably stupid decisions.

    I would like to see ALL of our reps establishing their own runaway spending group to out pace the super committee. And if they do not do it, we should. As local citizens we should organize groups to sit down and come up with real plans and then organize nationally to show a concentrated effort that we wont take it.

  4. Congress is becoming irrelevant and an embarrassment.

    ‘Regulatory’ is destroying businesses, usurping our legislative branch of government, and corralling us and everything, EVERYTHING that we do.

    For 140 years the Federal government spending equaled about 3% of GDP.
    Today it is about 26%, but wait:

    Add in the ‘regulatory’ burden as of 2008 and it increases government costs to 40% of GDP


    The growing ‘Regulatory Police State’(let’s call it what it is) is very dangerous to our liberty and must be dismantled locally by locals, but the locals must first understand how and why they are being ‘corralled’ (little by little).

    ‘Regulatory’ is in the process of controlling your transactions/savings/investments, movements, health & records, property usage, what you drive, who you talk to, what you watch or listen to, eat and drink, even monitoring your trash and energy usage.
    Everybody’s going broke? Where’s the money going???
    Obama’s ‘domestic army’ he promised; TSA, HLS, NSA, DEP, FDA. EPA etc. massively expanding and continues to eliminate states rights and centralize/federalize all government. And to keep you safe, or is it to keep ‘them’ safe from you, once you realize what is going on?

    Regulatory and ‘unelected’ Czars are now ‘deeming’ law, is becoming more and more authoritarian and sucking funds dry from your state/municipal budgets and 1st responders (think the latest 56 CT State Troopers getting pink slips), how powerful will YOU let it get. This is a quiet, in process, coup d’état over our US Constitution.

    Congress is becoming irrelevant.

    You can deny reality,but you cannot deny the consequences of reality.” Ayn Rand

    1. What he said! And if you need FURTHER proof, chk out Drudge report on Obama’s Sept surprise and witness the gov’t private property grab/redistribution (to keep the economy ‘safe’) as it is taking place. God help us all.


    1. Obama plans to murder 250 million Americans, not just your money, homes and rights to speak!?! how about the right to breathe????. No one will be able to vote with that many dead!!!! Save food, water TP heat both kinds one for each adult and gmom or gdad. Obama is making AMERICANS look like pansies on a silver platter. Stand up America do not let this 2016 the LAST YEAR YOU BREATH!!!!

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