Oklahoma Memories

Just had several wonderful days in Oklahoma. Went from the 40 degrees Fahrenheit Christchurch winter to the 109 degree Oklahoma summer!!!!!

I spoke at five meetings in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Chickasha and Ringwood.

There is a lot of pro-liberty energy in this state and I was very well received wherever I went.

I visited the Oklahoma City bombing memorial, which was very poignant; H&H Gunshop in OKC, which was amazing; several great restaurants (Oklahoma steaks are superb); some extremely inspiring churches and radio studios.

Tulsa was beautiful and brought a great crowd, the Chickisha Tea Partiers were inspiring, the Ringwood conservatives were the most wonderful heartlanders you could imagine and the OKC people looked after (and fed me) me like a prince.

I met several serving politicians and some very impressive candidates. If every state was like Oklahoma, this great country wouldn’t have too much to worry about.

With Mark of Grady County Tea Party, Chickasha
Grady County Crew
The Crew at H&H
At the OKC Bombing Memorial
OKC Memorial

Thanks to CN, Molly, Kevin, Jayne, Elaine, Naomi, Bob, Scott, Debbie, Carol, Rex, Robyn, Paul, Paul, Mark, Dewey, Nancy, Mike, Tamalyn, Glen and all the other amazing patriots I met in the “Sooner’ state. I hope to return in the not too distant future.


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6 thoughts on “Oklahoma Memories

  1. Trevor … Your one very remarkable man and the Sooner State appreciate you and the message that you delivered, and one that we need to hear. We Oklahoman’s appreciate you so much, and what you’re doing. When you return back to Oklahoma, it will be like you’re returning back to your own home.

    The members of High Noon Club, appreciate you and your always welcome. Next time let’s spend more time together, breaking bread, and discussing Liberty and Freedoms.

    Bob Dani
    High Noon Club

  2. This is Rick Shepherd. I met you at the Ringwood meeting. I am from the Enid group, and we and the Ringwood group do share a lot of activities and people.

    Greatly appreciated your putting all of this together. I especially liked how you framed the motivational perspective of why we need to keep fighting to defend the concepts of limited government and liberty for the hope of the free world!

    In another comment on your blog page, I asked if you knew about Lord Bute (John Stuart) of the mid and late 1700’s. He seems like a predecessor to the likes of Armand Hammer and Barack Obama to me. Would appreciate any thoughts you might have on this.

    Again, thanks for visiting and speaking to us!

  3. My wife and I very much enjoyed your speech in Tulsa, Mr. Loudon. The research you have done is beyond thorough and it is appreciated beyond words. Keep up the good work.

    You are welcome in our fine state any time.

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