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  1. Trevor,

    I watch your program on Brannon Howse’s WVW website and I agree with your insights concerning the Marxist Enemies Within. Having previously lived in the bay area for nearly a decade, I can attest to the severity of the problem.

    However, you preached a false gospel during one of your programs. (What many would classify as “Lordship Salvation”, which believes you need to prove your free gift of salvation from God with your own good works.) True believers in Jesus Christ are those who place their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. Faith alone in Christ alone. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. Good works are not required for entrance into heaven. Good works determine your “rewards” in heaven.

    You asked people to respond if they thought you were wrong. I agree that people should be involved religiously, politically, socially etc., but it has zero to do with people’s personal salvation. Salvation is the free gift of god’s grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8-9). Check out Brannon Howse and Dr. Andy Woods’s program on Lordship Salvation and Neo-Calvinism on WVW website.

  2. I just placed an order for $48.00 at your site. Unfortunately you will be sending my order to the wrong address. Please contact me via email.I will check tomorrow and send you the correct address.
    Thank You.

  3. Trevor, I just received your 2 books, Security Risk Senators, Parts 1 and 2. Looking at the Contents pages, I noticed that the 30 Senators were all Democrats. Personally, I believe all Democrats are either associated with Communists or useful idiots of them. I’m also believe there are many Republicans are also Communist supports. Are you planning on writing a book on Republican Security Risk Senators?

    Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto main goals are: Abolition of Religion (the Opium of the People), Abolition of Private Property, Abolition of Individuality and Freedom, Abolition of the Family, Abolition of Right and Wrong, etc. Every day I see both parties working for these and other Communist goals via lies and deceits.

  4. Dear Trevor,

    I agree with Vince above. I have a GETTR profile (my only social media account) and also a digital subscription to EpochTV. EpochTV has a profile on GETTR and posts links to newly dropped episodes of EpochTV channels, including Counterpunch’s new videos. But some of these channels’ reporters also have their own profiles, eg., Jan Jekielek, who not only posts comments on current issues, but he’ll post links to his newly dropped episodes as well…multiple times over the span of a few days.

    I’m still going through your previously posted episodes and they are quite informative and helpful in understanding what’s happening RIGHT NOW in the U.S. vis-a-vis the Marxist Left. If you had a GETTR profile you could post links to these older videos. Maybe start with the two-part Steve Phillips videos which were eye-opening!

  5. Hi Trevor,

    Please consider a profile here that supports your videos which you publish on rumble as many people need to understand the work that you have done and you are doing. Keep up the great work and delete the twitter and facebook profiles please


  6. ‍♂️ can you add replacement site share buttons of Twatter & FB, whats app, instagram?

    Gab.com = twitter on steroids
    share button Code from their site
    Minds.com = many ppl & mixture of FB & twitter
    USA.life = pro christian site, but not many ppl
    FreeTalk = one american news owned company, but not many ppl

    Not recommended
    Parler requires your ID to get account, don’t recommend as they likely data harvesting
    MeWe.com = Fascist lite FB clone

    I only found out about your & your work after seeing you on WarRoom Pandemic
    Thanks in advance,

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