Presidential Depraved Indifference

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
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Not all monsters are the stuff of nightmares… Some reside in the White House and rule America. The Benghazi attack will dwarf Watergate – no one died in Watergate.

What we do know is that the claims of ‘spontaneous’ protests to a YouTube video clip that supposedly offended Muslims is total bull crap. We know that in true Soviet style, Obama and his cohorts are deliberately holding a man innocent of this crime in solitary confinement in direct violation of his First Amendment rights. It took the Administration nearly a month to acknowledge that it was a terrorist attack.


  • There were no protesters at the Benghazi consulate prior to the attack, even though Obama and others repeatedly said the attackers joined an angry mob that had formed in opposition to the anti-Muslim film that had triggered protests in Egypt and elsewhere. The State Department disclosed this fact Oct. 9 — nearly a month after the attack.
  • Libya President Mohamed Magariaf insisted on Sept. 16 — five days after the attack — that it was a planned terrorist attack, but administration officials continued for days later to say there was no evidence of a planned attack.
  • Magariaf also said the idea that the attack was a “spontaneous protest that just spun out of control is completely unfounded and preposterous.” This, too, was on Sept. 16. Yet, Obama and others continued to describe the incident in exactly those terms — including during the president’s Sept. 18 appearance on the “Late Show With David Letterman.”
  • Matt Olsen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, was the first administration official to call it “a terrorist attack” during a Sept. 19 congressional hearing. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did the same on Sept. 20. Even so, Obama declined opportunities to call it a terrorist attack when asked at a town hall meeting on Sept. 20 and during a taping of “The View” on Sept. 24.

You can view the full timeline of events at I highly recommend that you do.

Bing West:

At 5 p.m., President Obama met with Vice President Biden and Secretary of Defense Panetta in the Oval Office. The U.S. military base in Sigonella, Sicily, was 480 miles away from Benghazi. Stationed at Sigonella were Special Operations Forces, transport aircraft, and attack aircraft – a much more formidable force than 22 men from the embassy….

Fighter jets could have been at Benghazi in an hour; the commandos inside three hours. If the attackers were a mob, as intelligence reported, then an F18 in afterburner, roaring like a lion, would unnerve them. This procedure was applied often in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Conversely, if the attackers were terrorists, then the U.S. commandos would eliminate them. But no forces were dispatched from Sigonella.

By about two in the morning, the American embassy received word that the ambassador was dead….The fight began at 10 p.m. and petered out at dawn when the Libyan militia came to the aid of the Americans.

Two former Navy SEALS ran to rescue Ambassador Stevens when they heard the cries for help. They saved 30 or more lives that day and gave their own doing so. They fought off at least 60 insurgents while signaling for help – there are reports of 150 gunmen showing up sporting the logo of Ansar Al-Sharia. Help that never came, while Obama and company watched them live and die in full color in the White House. The military was told to ‘stand down’ three times. Then the blame game started with Hillary taking a pretend fall, while taking the blame sort of, but not really, all the while confabbing with her legal team for fallout contingencies. Then Patraeus released a statement saying that the CIA never denied aid to those in need – translation: we didn’t do it, Obama did. Next came the denial from the White House saying that Obama did not deny aid to those dying in Libya. They effectively threw Panetta and the DOD under the political bus for this mess. I have no love for Leon Panetta, who is a stealth communist, but put blame where blame is due – this lands squarely on the yellow, cowering, hunched form of Barack Hussein Obama. This is what you get when you have Progressives leading in the battlefield instead of your seasoned military leadership. A clusterf*ck of epic proportions and torture, blood and death everywhere you look. And Americans want to know why. Why didn’t you rescue these men when a rapid response team was only an hour away? Why did help land in Benghazi only to be told to stand down? Why did you let them die? Lots of alleged conspiracies out there… From the intended kidnapping of Stevens in exchange for the Blind Sheikh, to the dealing in chemical weapons, to a conspired hit on Stevens. I also hear whispers of Valerie Jarrett’s involvement and possibly Iran. All we want is the truth and the truth will out on this one. The military won’t stand for this I would wager. The bloody trail leads directly back to the Oval Office with leaked emails and more evidence coming out every day.

Now I hear that General Ham is being removed or replaced. Since this is being laid at the feet of Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta and General Ham of the U.S. Africa Commmand (AFRICOM), I find it interesting that Ham is exiting stage right and I suspect it is not voluntary. Why is that? Ambassador John Bolton says there are conflicting reports on his departure. Then you have Panetta forwarding the crap sandwich that there wasn’t enough intel. Right… You had two armed drones over this place (And who ordered those?), you had CIA on the ground and military throughout the area and you didn’t have enough intel? A live feed wasn’t enough for you assholes? You also turned over three terrorists responsible for this to the February 17th Martyrs Brigade. Why? This is why I would never make it in the military, they would have been interrogated and then executed. With extreme prejudice. This is not a police action. This is war. Political correctness and diplomacy is a recipe for getting killed. Obama and many others watched for seven hours while this unfolded – it happened from 4 PM to 11 PM EST. There. Is. No. Excuse.

American Thinker:

“They made zero adjustments in this. They stood and they watched and our people died, “said an outraged retired CIA officer, Gary Berntsen on CBS, who led missions targeting bin Laden and responding to the Kenyan embassy bombings.

From Sultan Knish:

So the buck has been passed to Panetta and Dempsey and Ham. Dempsey is a soulless administration toady and Ham is deeply invested in Libya. Panetta is a Clintonite who is completely expendable, especially if the charges get pinned to Hillary. But Panetta still seems filled with self-loathing and Dempsey looks disgusted with him.

Not doing something because there is no intel is a common excuse in these circles when they don’t want to do something. Just as with Iran, there would never have been enough intel.

And how much intel was needed really? Benghazi had an extended profile and was the cause of the entire Libyan war. The consulate had an extensive intelligence apparatus and the declassified cables we’ve seen are a fraction of the actual classified cables that would have been at Panetta, Dempsey and Ham’s disposal.

They knew about the Islamist militias and had descriptions of their armament from the RSO’s reports. They didn’t know the exact number of attackers or every single possible detail, but you can never really know everything before going in.

The man who made the “gutsy call” to have the SEALs take out bin Laden, made the gutless call to let bin Laden’s people take out our Ambassador and the SEALs defending him. Even if Obama didn’t make the call and watched this (which he did), he is guilty of gross Presidential depraved indifference. Ultimately, there is no amount of blame that masks this – this is a mess he inherited entirely from himself. The President allowed this to happen because he is either a coward or a conspirator. The boys who died coming to the aid of the Ambassador, they knew they would probably die and went anyway – don’t let their deaths be for nothing. We owe them that much.

From Earn Your Trident Every Day:

Consider these tenets of the Navy SEAL Code: 1) Loyalty to Country, Team and Teammate, 2) Serve with Honor and Integrity On and Off the Battlefield, 3) Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit, 4) Take responsibility for your actions and the actions of your teammates, 5) Excel as Warriors through Discipline and Innovation, 6) Train for War, Fight to Win, Defeat our Nation’s Enemies, and 7) Earn your Trident every day (

In closing, I ask you… is the following behavior, the behavior of a President, Vice President and Secretary of State? Or is it the lewd, crass behavior of a cold, callous political machine covering its arse? The answer is glaringly obvious:


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2 thoughts on “Presidential Depraved Indifference

  1. thank you for this distillation of articles and opinion.
    will forward to many.

    obama wishes this would JUST GO AWAY.
    but it shall not.
    and the consequences couldn’t happen to a more deserving

  2. This is so sad and so depraved that it is beyond my comprehension. How can the leaders of our country watch as our people are killed and just go out and lie about the entire situation and continue to campaign. Lives are important. These 2 SEALS who went to save lives are heroes and our government is treating this whole event like’ a bump in the road”. How hard hearted!!! However, when you realize that the government stands for killing babies in the womb and after they are born and for killing old people, you can see that the value of a life means little to them. I wonder how they respond when they face death . There is eternal life or eternal damnation- FOREVER. So sad! So shocking!!

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