4 thoughts on ““Wild Bill” on America’s Stupidest Family

  1. Where were your videos when Republicans raised the National Debt 29 Times for Reagan, Bush, and Bush Jr?!?!? That’s right,.. Your Republican Heroes did it 29 Times!!!!

    You didn’t utter a peep when they did it, but now it’s ammunition against the same policies that Republicans adhered to when they were in office. So it’s okay to raise the debt when a Republican Conservative does it, but as soon as a Democrat Liberal does it you speak up. Bury your head back in the sand cowboy, you’re sounding like an idiot.

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  2. Except perhaps for Glenn Beck, I have not yet heard such a brilliantly pithy nor accurate description of what is bringing down both the United States of America and my own country of Canada. Please count me in as a Wild Bill fan.

  3. Excellent! We have been on a credit buying binge, mistaking it for “prosperity”, for almost 100 yrs. Now it is time to pay the piper and our cupboard is bare. The ir-responsible children running the show want to pay off our over due accumilated credit card debt with yet another credit card.

    Thomas Jefferson once said: “This country’s greatness is due to the wisdon of its farmers, not of its scholars and intellectuals; and this country’s future problems will be solved by the wisdom of the farmes, not of the scholars and intellectuals who have caused the problem in the first place”. This message reflects Jefferson’s wisdom.

    The statement from the Czek lady described what is know in our jurisprudence as “the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine”. A poisonous tree can only produce poisonous fruit.

    Marxism AKA liberalism, progressivism, etc., must definitely be destroyed before it destroys us. It is like a virus infecting a computor, if not eradicated, it will destroy the host it has infested. Now, demanding “tolerance” from the “biggoted” computor, the virus is demanding “a right to exist” within the computor.

    Only a fool, a complete idiot, or a democrat would buy into such absurd senile nonsense.

    Even God has commanded a death penalty for certain crimes against nature; “…in that way, evil is put from the land”. A “virus” in the human DNA, or weeds in the garden of humanity, must be eradicated or they will over-run and choke out the crop.

    A workable temporary solution to our budget mess would be to do what Lincoln did, and JFK tried to do; issue publically owned “United States Notes” through the US Treasury instead of borrowing “privately owned” Federal Reserve Notes from a private corporation who simply writes legalized rubber checks on an account that does not exist and “loans” them to government and collects usury (rent) for our use of them as long as they remain in circulation. This is where our “public debt” comes from.

    If we would use our own money instead of borrowing legal counterfiet money from a foreign corporation, the public debt could be eliminated and the savings could be deployed to pay down the existing debt. A usury debt is immpossible to pay, once you are into it the only way out is repudiation.

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