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    2 thoughts on “Contact

    1. Hi Trevor,

      My name is Arthur Tane from the other side of the pond. I’ve heard you several times now on the Steve Bannon radio program. I’ve enjoyed listening to your insights.

      I head in Canberra a organization called The Council on Middle East Relations. Our website is Part of our work is exposing communist influence throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

      Given what is happening in our region with CPC operatives running free from any pushback, we are naturally gravelly concerned.

      Cheers and best regards

      Arthur Tane
      The Council on Middle East Relations
      GPO Box 1885
      Canberra 2601


    2. Hi Trevor,

      Great article and interview with Brannon! After hearing your radio episode w/Brannon, I have a suggestion with regards to the b0yc0tt/b u y c0t t.

      Could you coordinate and facilitate a nationwide b-c0tt with Brannon, Mike L, Gen McI ner ney, Gen F l y n n? You all have large followings and are in the limelight. We, the people, have limited reach and are often working separately instead of getting under 1 big umbrella. P a t r i 0ts *are trying* to get under 1 umbrella, but are having a hard time. For example, I’m part of 3 different p-a-t-r-i-o-t ic groups. They want the same things and some of the members overlap, but they’re not under 1 umbrella as you suggest.

      You and the above people I mentioned could help unite and coordinate these things because y’all have far greater reach than our individual organizations. I know Brannon has connections to these guys, so I thought I’d make the suggestion in hopes of them & you announcing the monthly b-c0tt [of whichever company, on whichever month] whenever y’all have interviews, podcasts, or y’all could post on your websites, etc I believe y’all could greatly unite people. As your viral article shows, people clearly, are starving for what they can do, and they’re looking to people in the limelight for ‘march ing 0r ders’ so to speak.

      I also sent Brannon an email with this suggestion.

      Thanks for all you do,
      Lauren Reeves

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