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7 thoughts on “Master Index

  1. Good day Trevor!
    I am a retired pastor and concerned citizen for my state North
    Dakota and the entire union as well.

    Do you have any message you would want to deliver to North
    Dakota? If so let me know and perhaps we can put together a meeting.
    God’s abiding love to you and your family!
    John Boustead

  2. Mr. Loudon, what is your faith and where do you worship in terms of a congregation? I am from Mississippi USA and we like to know exactly what one believes and their religious affiliation. I hope you don’t find that intrusive. We call that in my circles, ‘your testimony’. Are you a born-again Christian?
    I value your work which makes me all the more curious. I am a Southern Baptist with Jewish heritage.

  3. Mr. Loudon,

    Did you or Curtis Bowers write a response to Gary
    North’ s critique of Agenda?
    Even if the list of Communist Goals is not in the 1950s
    Publication, it is definitely on the 60’s revision. Also, he said that with the demise of the USSR in 1991, Communism died too except for the countries of North Korea and Cuba. My question to North is, “What about China?”.
    He makes no mention of how the schematic connections are wrong except to say that Feminism began much earlier than what the movie stated.
    Also, it is understandable why he discounts the movie
    Because it runs counter to his Reconstructionist Postmillennial eschatology. He portrays Gramsci and his theories as sidebar issues that have nothing to do with Communism and he does not mention the Frankfort school or Mattachine society. Even if there was a citation mistake by Mr. Bowers on the relevant book revision listing the Communist Goals, he picks this one thing and discounts the rest of the movie. If you know of a rebuttal to North’s critique, please let me know.
    Best regards,
    Bryan Allen

  4. “Social Justice” was created by the International Socialist Organization which is the oldest Clandestine Communist Organization in the world.

    The goal of Communism is to undermine family units by creating fear, economic instability, unintelligible public education, propaganda media, destroy Christianity, so Government becomes your God.

  5. Social justice is just another form of judgement. In a social setting you can count on judgement but what scarces me is the sentencing. In order to judge there has to be a law to embrace. When you do that you see the frailty of all including yourself. Jesus counted judgement as nothing to the point where he fulfilled the external law and dissolved a covenant. For the Law of the Spirit of Life has made me free from the law of sin and death. Saint Paul’s words not mine. Social justice has an end result which is always death not life. If judgement by your peers was the best way to coral society then Father(God) wasted His time writing the laws of the Spirit of Life on your heart and in your minds, not carnal but Spiritual. Look within and awaken!

  6. Dear Trevor, I heard that you cited Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) as now practicing social justice, which is a false gospel. Could you please email me citations and quotations of facts about this so I can share them with other Christians who are ignorant about what’s happened with Cru? Thank you.

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