5 thoughts on “John Bolton Tells NRA Convention Obama is “Following the Mexican Line”

  1. It is my understanding that the Supreme Court has determined that any Treaty that violates the US Constitution is invalid. Perhaps a lawyer can chime in here with appropriate case law. That being said, we now live in a country where law enforcement officers ignore and violate the Constitution when ever it suits their objectives: e.g. Dearborn, MI incidents. Consequently, I am concerned that even if a Treaty is unconstitutional, the government will enforce it anyway.

  2. All I have to say is Allen West – President, Herman Cain – Vice President, John Bolton – Secretary of State, and we begin to turn it around.

    1. AMEN! We HAVE TO take our country back!! I’m 69 years young, and have been watching our country go down the proverbial commode for MANY years. I don’t fear for myself, but for my children and grandchildren. Marxism is NOT the American Dream. As Herman Cain says: Stay INFORMED; Stay INVOLVED; and stay INSPIRED! And may I add: PRAY for mercy and deliverance from this oppression.

  3. Just like Obama is following the radicals line in letting Iran have its way in the middle east and accepting the inevitability of Iran having nuclear arsenal soon enough; honestly it seems like Obama is striving for a nuclear armageddon in the middle east and the total collapse of the America we love (especially America).

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