The Betrayal Papers: Part V – Who is Barack Hussein Obama?

The Betrayal Papers Movie: Part V – Who is Barack Hussein Obama?

As the House of Representatives prepare to vote again this week in an attempt to pass the TPA Fast Track language… and given Obama’s associations with domestic terrorists, ACORN, shadowy Middle-Eastern financiers, Muslim-Brotherhood-linked groups, communists, Black Liberation Theology, forgery, fraud and his vow to “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” …should new authority to negotiate international trade agreements be given to the man who calls himself “Barack Hussein Obama?”

Text of The Betrayal Papers, Part V – Who is Barack Hussein Obama?

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1 thought on “The Betrayal Papers: Part V – Who is Barack Hussein Obama?

  1. No one knows who this guy is, or where he came from. Court documents show that he has used at least 8 different aliases and 3 fraudulent social security numbers.

    All his past has been sealed or scrubbed, and this from the guy who touted transparency.

    Obama is a nobody who never was, who came from Nowhere, whose only claim to fame being that he can do nothing better than nobody. His only redeeming quality is not being white, and he only got that half right.

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