Death of a Despot, Mourned by American Marxists

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


Ding dong… The Venezuelan dictator is dead at the age of 58 from pelvic cancer. He literally rotted from within, just as his soul did. Good riddance, to Marxist rubbish.

But Hugo Chavez’s comrades in the US and across the planet mourn his passing. Grief stricken Leftists such as Sean Penn, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Danny Glover, Michael Moore, Jimmy Carter, Oliver Stone, Naomi Campbell, Kevin Spacey, Courtney Love, Barack Obama, SEIU (who held a memorial) and a cadre of Hollywood reds are devastated by the loss of their Marxist brethren, who in the end, begged that his subjects not let him die. Iran, Bolivia, China and El Salvador all held tributes to their evil compadre. George Galloway of Britain called him a ‘Spartacus.’ You are who you associate with and mourn for. A fitting end to a crushing, cowardly rule. I don’t hold much hope that his death will free Venezuela though. His second in command will probably succeed him and he is just as insane and just as ruthless as his mentor. May G-d have mercy on Venezuela.

All throughout the media I hear how Chavez was a champion of the underdog, the poor of Venezuela. Really? The only one Chavez championed was himself. He was rumored to be worth approximately 2 billion when he died. People are starving and dying in the streets of Venezuela, while this evil loon ransacked every dime he could from their coffers. Oil kept Chavez fat and sassy until death came knocking.

In fact, Venezuela sounds eerily like America these days. We are following in her Marxist footsteps in so many ways. Our unemployment rate (according to the sycophant Obama media) fell to 7.7% today. What an incredible manipulation (which will be revised in days no doubt) — a record 89,304,000 Americans are now not in the labor force, having given up during Obama’s Keynesian reign of terror — 296,000 fewer are employed since January. The real unemployment rate is closer to 25%, but the elite in power will never tell the truth. They’ll just keep spewing propaganda figuring we’ll believe anything they say. Just like the Venezuelans.

For instance… Before Chavez left this planet for a warmer climate, on paper, it showed that incomes were increasing in Venezuela. In reality, inflation decreased household income by 8.8%. But goods rose by 27% in costs. Gee, sounds a lot like what America is experiencing doesn’t it? Brought to you by American Marxists. Their currency has been downgraded several times as well – 5 times in fact. The last time devaluing it by a whopping 32%. He tripled their national deficit and their debt increased by 90% in his previous term. They are on the verge of bankruptcy and we are right behind them. He certainly enacted his redistributionist, welfare state-expanding, centrally planned economic agenda well, didn’t he?

Some facts on Chavez:

  • He created worker-owned “cooperatives” to act as a substitute for corporations, which he relentlessly propped up with government funding.
  • He started grocery stores that would deliberately sell food below market value so as to run capitalist alternatives out of business.
  • Eventually, he set price controls on food.
  • He seized land belonging to rich Venezuelans and redistributed it to poor ones.
  • He nationalized telephone companies, electricity companies, cement production, food plants (even those owned by foreign entities), coffee plants, rice fields and banks.
  • He pulled Venezuela out of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, accusing both entities of exploitation.
  • He even seized control of the media.
  • His slogan was: “Motherland, socialism or death.”

From Sultan Knish:

Chavez had swollen the ranks of Venezuela’s public employees to 2.5 million in a country where the 15-64 population numbered only 18 million. With 1 public employee to every 7 working adults, the entire mess was subsidized by oil exports and debt. When the price of oil fell, only debt was left.

Those public employees became Chavez’s campaign staff with no choice but to vote for him or see their positions wiped out to keep the economy from crashing. And they won him one last election.

The dead tyrant leaves behind the lowest GDP growth rate and highest inflation rate in Latin America. He leaves behind an economy where more than half the population depends on government benefits or government jobs. He leaves behind a giant pile of debt for the people and 2 billion dollars in misappropriated oil money for his heirs.

It seems to me that Obama has indeed turned America into Venezuela. But, it would seem, that Chavez was not Leftist enough for many of those supporting Obama in the US. Which portends very bad things that Obama and his foot soldiers have in store for the American people, as if we didn’t already know that.

And if that is not sobering enough, let’s move on to the ghoulish. I tweeted on this yesterday when I heard that Chavez’s body would be put on permanent display — just like Joseph Stalin. So, the people of Venezuela will be subjected to this ghastly reminder of repression forever. Sickening. The Castro-loving Commie just won’t stay dead. The only thing Chavez succeeded at was bringing the equality of crushing poverty to his people and yet he will lie in state for people to view — or else. Evil despots don’t die, they morph into martyrs and political tools for oppression.

People seem to have forgotten, that this so-called ‘peaceful Marxist’ came to power after two violent military coups. Over 300 people died so he could seize control. Bumps in the road, I’m sure. He then changed the constitution, eliminating the senate and extending his term. A revolt ensued. He then fired 18,000 workers and gave complete control to the unions which he himself controlled. Wait a minute… Deja vu – the feeling that you have been screwed by this Marxist before — only his name is Obama.

So, while a Venezuelan despot has gone to his richly deserved spot in Hades, our American Marxist government and elites mourn him. They have certainly emulated him and will keep doing so as they bring the lid down on America and attempt to finish her destruction. Can you smell a revolt brewing?


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  1. Thank you for another eye opener we have jackals all around us world wide betrayers of a God and country lovers of lucifer and his minions no wonder Gods Mother Our Lady is still crying since 1846 at Lassalette she to was assassinated but she was truth

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