New Sheriff in Town Ann Barnhardt: Fearless against Islam and the Obama Syndicate

By Sher Zieve
Gulag Bound

A couple of weeks ago, a friend sent me a video of a lady who not only speaks up against the oppression of Islam and the Obama syndicate but, is not afraid to have her singularly articulate views placed before the entire world. Therefore, I contacted her. As you will see below, Ann is fearless.

The Interview

Sher: Ann, I first want to thank you for your courage in openly speaking about those who would destroy us, while most of our elected officials seem to immediately flee and then hide from the issue. I have to say that I, along with others, was amazed and thankful at the honesty of your videos denigrating the true malevolence of radical Islam.

When we spoke, this week, you indicated that 9/11/2001 was the initial reason for your videos. But, was there anything else that spurred you on toward creating and bringing them out now?

Ann: The process of watching my country and Western Civilization go down in flames has certainly been cumulative, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was hearing Lindsey Graham proclaim his ardent desire to eviscerate the Constitution in the hopes of appeasing Muslims. In the April 3 interview on Face The Nation, Graham advocated shredding the Establishment Clause, freedom of speech, religion and assembly in the First Amendment, the right to due process in the Fifth and Sixth Amendments by saying that he wanted to “hold people accountable” and “push back” without any law to back those government actions up, and dispense with the Equal Protection clause in the Fourteenth Amendment by holding Muslims to a different standard than non-Muslims in the United States. Enough is enough. Now we box.

Sher: Most of us have seen that radical Islam, which beheads people on an apparent daily basis, begins to claim victimhood when it suits them; especially with the current White House administration. Those who burn Islam’s Quran are called “haters” while burning the Bible is considered fair game by almost everyone, these days. During your Quran burning video, you proudly bring up the fact that the pages are separated by strips of bacon. What prompted this action on your part?

Ann: First, I just thought it was rather witty. Second, Western Civilization is being beaten in this war by Psy-Ops (psychological operations). Muslims have everyone convinced, even if on a subconscious level, that having pork touch a book is going to cause the universe to implode, or for some fictional wrathful demigod to descend from the clouds and strike us all dead, or at the very least gives them moral justification to kill other human beings.

The last time I checked, bacon is made out of muscle tissue, fat tissue and connective tissue from a pig. Beyond that, said flesh is composed of water, protein and fatty acids. The book in question is made of tree cellulose (the paper) and ink, which is probably soybean and petroleum based. Having these two things touch each other is meaningless. We The People of Western Civilization need to act like the adults that we are and grow the hell up. This stone age voodoo crap needs to end.

Sher: As any of us who have read the Quran know the book is filled with Surahs teaching the killing of Jews and Christians, specifically. Yet, when any of us in the USA bring this up, we are violently criticized by the Left and liberals in general. Do you view this as the process of the current political structure working tirelessly to bring the USA into Dhimmitude* and towards forcing We-the-People into becoming a part of the Western Islamic caliphate?

Ann: I view it as the Marxist milieu vigorously defending their perceived ally. I have said all along that the Marxist-Soros machine is looking to install itself as the World Government with Islam operating as its enforcement arm.

Sher: I concur and have written for years now that Islam is planned to be the foot soldiers for the New World Order’s coming attempt at forced enslavement of the world’s people. Ann, I can’t let you go without asking about the Obama press conference Wednesday, in which he announced the “release” of his latest birth certificate–this time the long form. This one seems to have as many if not more problems than the other–at least four–short form versions of certificates of live birth that have been floating around the Internet for years. Many, including the Smoking Gun website are already calling the latest attempt to trick us suspicious if not outright forgery and there are now myriad videos showing how it was accomplished…layer upon layer of PhotoShopped chicanery.

The problem is that even on this current birth certificate, due to his father’s Kenyan/British citizenship, Obama doesn’t meet the Constitutional requirement of “natural born.” What’s you take on this, apparent, latest attempt to befuddle We-the-People?

Ann: I think that the Obama White House got very nervous between the Trump publicity, the polls showing that most Americans doubt Obama’s nativity story, and Jerome Corsi’s book coming out in a few weeks. I think they commissioned some 20-something kid to make this PhotoShopped mess, and the moron just screwed it up nine ways from Sunday.

One of the things that I have been trying to impart to my clients, customers and readers over the past several years is the fact that the people running this country, and in many high positions of power in both the public and private sectors, are truly, truly stupid and inept people. We all want to believe that leaders and people in positions of power are very smart and very capable – that’s why they are in charge. They aren’t. Stupid people are running the show, and have been for decades. The Obama White House is the epitome of this. Put Barry, Michelle and Valerie Jarrett together and they don’t collectively have the brains God gave a goldfish. These are not intelligent people. They are opportunistic, ambitious sociopaths that are simultaneously dumber than a box of hair. And that’s exactly how George Soros likes his puppets – too dumb to be any real threat to him.

Sher: Ann, thanks so much for speaking to me and my readers. Your fortitude is, indeed, a rare commodity these days!

Ann’s Videos:

Ann eviscerates Lindsay Graham: in

Ann Burns Quran: in

Ann’s website:


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5 thoughts on “New Sheriff in Town Ann Barnhardt: Fearless against Islam and the Obama Syndicate

  1. Can she get some official investigations going, so that we won’t operate on false facts, like the alien black Luo tribesman being Barry’s father?

    The Luo is an adoptive father, as official investigators will find out if they subpoena Barry’s vital records and DNA.

    Resistance to official investigation of the entire Obama matter will melt away if some officials screw up the courage or are forced by the public to start official inquiries, starting with these subpoenae, which will disclose Obama’s theft of racial identity.

    When a child is adopted at birth, an original birth certificate is created showing birth parents.

    An amended birth certificate is created showing the adoptive parents.

    Barry’s Hawai’ian vital records consist of his original birth certificate showing birth parents and his amended birth certificate showing adoptive parents. His adoptive parents included an alien black Luo tribesman, a communist buddy of his birth father. His birth parents, we may rest assured, did not; this is why the original birth certificate remains concealed.

    Barry stole the 2008 election by claiming his adoptive parents as his birth parents. Thus he was able to make a blatantly racial appeal for votes and denigrate opponents and critics as racists.

    The latest proffered “birth certificate” from the Great Pretender is his amended birth certificate showing adoptive parents. It looks to me like the latest “birth certificate” is folded back at the top to obscure the printed or, more likely, typed word “AMENDED”.

    A key test of the document’s validity is not the document itself, but an analysis of Obama’s DNA (and comparison with the original birth certificate). If, as I suspect, an analysis of his DNA shows it’s biologically impossible for him to be the child of a Negro father and a Caucasian mother, the latest proffered “birth certificate” can not be accepted as valid. Either it is somebody else’s birth certificate, or, much more likely, it is Barry’s amended birth certificate reflecting his adoption by Stanley Ann Dunham and Obama the alien black Luo tribesman.

    Congress and the state legislatures must investigate the Obama matter, starting with subpoenae of Obama’s DNA and Hawai’i’s vital records of him. In view of Obama’s clandestine modus operandi, all officials with jurisdiction, or on whom jurisdiction can be conferred by law, are duty bound to investigate.

    It is utterly unacceptable for America to be unable to identify the pretender to the Office of President. The failure to ascertain Mr. Obama’s biological identity lends great weight to the proposition that he claims his adoptive parents as his birth parents in order to maintain the seditious hoax that he is half Negro.

    Every state’s Secretary of State should require verified DNA samples from Obama to determine whether his past and future applications for ballot positions were and will be honest and in good faith, or fraudulent in light of his latest claimed “birth certificate”.

    If genetic analysis disproves the latest proffered “birth certificate”, Barry’s applications for ballot placement should be rejected until he finally produces for all the world to see, at long last, his true, original, birth certificate, a contemporaneous record of birth showing actual birth parents consistent with his DNA. I would bet Obama’s birth mother was Polynesian, from whom he inherits his warm mahogany complexion, and his birth father was Caucasian, not an alien black Luo tribesman who made it with a white chick.

    Of course, there still remains the question whether Barry lost U.S. citizenship in the course of acquiring and exercising Indonesian citizenship as a lad and as an adult. The birth certificate frauds have been cynically used to distract the People from the high probability that Obama lost U.S. citizenship and with it his eligibility to the Office of President. He can’t be a natural born U.S. citizen if he is no longer a U.S. citizen at all, even though he was a natural born U.S. citizen at the time of his birth. This too must be the subject of official investigations, which will doubtless disclose a trash trove of corrupt and seditious bargains to conceal Indonesian citizenship.

    Moreover, the scope of investigation should cover the very real possibility that Obama owes his true allegiance to the Comintern, stemming from communist indoctrination from earliest childhood, probably reinforced by the mass murders of 250,000 to 1,000,000 communists in Indonesia while he was residing there. Being a communist these days means implementing a strategy of promoting Islam to destroy the West (after which, one can reasonably infer, the communist powers will eradicate Islam, taking advantage of its inherent internal contradictions, and plow under billions of human beings for fertilizer, individual lives having no higher utility – the eradication of Islam, of course, an unvoiced desideratum).
    The result of thorough investigations will show that Obama’s oaths of office were fraudulent and that he intended the opposite of what he said.

    Waiting for the 2012 elections is a prescription for disaster. Obama will have created such machinery of deception, secrecy, corruption and clandestine operations, including the infiltration of millions of illegal voters, that he will roll right over all opposition. Those who voted for him wholly or partly because they were duped into thinking he had a black African father will vote for him again under the same delusion, unless the truth is revealed. (Call us Revelationists.)

    Failure to investigate is utterly reprehensible and reflects a death wish for America. Patriots will be complicit in the success of Obama’s sedition if they do not conduct complete investigations of Obama immediately.

  2. Lets draft Ann for Secretary of Defense, or better yet, President. We need patriots who love America and have the guts to fight for her.

  3. I saw Ann in a couple of YouTube clips last week; she is spectacular!!! She is WORTH the time it takes out of someone’s day to give her a ‘listen’! I only hope that she ‘carries’ whenever and wherever she goes because there are a lot of ‘un-hinged’ irrational, lunatic, radical, followers of Mohammad the thieving, raping, murdering, pedophile and pervert that started the ‘Religion of Peace’…

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