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Communist Party Predicts Huge May Day Rallies Across America – Left Exploits Immigrants

Communist Party USA labor journalist John Wojcik is predicting huge labor union/immigrant rallies across America on May 1. The US left wants to legalize millions…

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The Communist Party Bounces Back

As America polarizes between freedom and socialism, the Communist Party USA is growing fast. Bear in mind that the C.P.U.S.A. is only one of more…

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Chinese Warships in Australian Ports?

Australia’s last Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, warned the United States that China posed a military threat to the Pacific region. Australian Defence White Papers…

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Barack Obama’s (In)eligibility: Right Back Where We Started

By: Janet Smiles Gulag Bound From the eminent pen of Leo Donofrio, constitutional expert, at his blog, Natural Born Citizen; Respecting the Constitution?: Bon Appetit…

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‘America Has Gone in the Wrong Direction’: George Soros is Saving America with His Time & Treasure from Our Political Debate Because It’s Making Us Not an Open Society

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton NoisyRoom Read more at The Blaze… And spooky dude speaks again – pure evil Marxism.

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Bill Fletcher, Jr. – Leading Socialist Calls for Mass Actions, Law Breaking, to Re-Elect Obama in 2012

Bill Fletcher, Jr., is a Senior Scholar with the far left Institute for Policy Studies, and a member of both Democratic Socialists of America and…

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