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Say “Goodbye” to the Dollar

Commentator J.R. Nyquist on the recent BRIC Summit and a probable Russian/Chinese attack on the US dollar. The BRIC Summit, held on 14 April in…

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Beck Stands with Israel

Courtesy of The Daily Beck

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China Offers Places to 10,000 US Students, Steps Up Cooperation With MIT

Let’s make treason, espionage and subversion  even easier, shall we? From the Communist Party of China website   Visiting Chinese State Councilor Liu Yandong announced…

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Tea Time in Wisconsin

NoisyRoom Greeted by the Tea Party as well as local and bussed-in thuggish astro-turf minions dispatched by Richard Trumka and President Obama’s Organizing for America,…

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Allen West Speaks to the Folks at Home

Florida’s 22nd Congressional District may have to give up a very fine representative, for the good of all Americans.

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Sarah Palin knocks it outta the park!

NoisyRoom By: Andrea Shea King – The Radio Patriot Sarah Palin knocks it out of the park in Madison, Wisconsin at today’s Tax Day Tea…

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