Keeping Faith With Amorality

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Zombie is on a roll – so many immoral acts to choose from recently. First, you have the unforgettable Foreskin Man, with new and improved blatant anti-Semitism. Now Weinergate with his teary speech and arrogant refusal to step down, because well, he’s a morals-free elitist and that means never having to go away. You could tell from his delivery, he was genuinely sorry for being caught.

Why is it that when some idiot on the right goes all Clintonesque, he is driven to his knees immediately and forced to exit stage right, but when it is some progressive on the left, he leaks a little water, says oopsie and continues on his merry hedonist way? Morality for thee, but not for me seems to be the new leftist code.

I especially love the way Zombie takes apart the liberal logic used to defend lefties caught in various sexcapades. She brilliantly shows how they actually think themselves ‘into the box’ with no way out. Priceless… Their philosophical arguments can’t stand the light of logic – it’s logic 101 from college and it is absolutely airtight.

Zombie’s sleight-of-mind exposition clearly shows that the ‘hypocrisy defense’ that liberals so love is sheer suicide when used as an excuse for any given naughty politician or dire deed. I honestly believe that if you give Americans a choice between a dirt bag who has a moral code, but is trying and a dirt bag who has no moral code and arrogantly doesn’t give a crap what you think about him, the moral dirt bag will come out on top every time. We certainly seem to have no shortage of dirt bags.

Go read all of Zombie’s excellent post: Why the Hypocrisy Defense is political suicide for liberalism. Meanwhile, I’m sure the left will keep the faith with amorality. What they should be doing is apologizing to Andrew Breitbart and telling Weiner to resign and go roast himself.


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1 thought on “Keeping Faith With Amorality

  1. Right now in this matter, there is one person, all politics and such set aside I do feel sorry for…that is his wife now having to live with the outcome of this matter…he lied and denied and defied all across the board, trying to cover his tail. Indeed this is a perfect case of being sorry for getting caught, and will most likely only get a slap on the wrist.

    For his wife, in this time of trouble, I wish and pray for her to have hope and comfort in whatever choices she makes in the days and weeks ahead.

    For Mr Weiner, you have broken the trust of those who elected you, the trust of your marriage, and the trust of your wife. Resign from the office of the house right now and return home.

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