Communist Radicals Take Control Of The House Of Representatives

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |

I guess I’m overly optimistic. I figured the Republicans would get both the House and the Senate. They only retained the Senate ceding the House to the loony Democrats. It’s not great, but then again… the House and the Senate weren’t doing the heavy lifting, Trump was.

What this will do however is let the Democrats be even more obstructionist in trying to stop President Trump. But Trump is a fighter and they may find that if push comes to shove, Trump is going to throw them off a cliff. Losing the House in a way may also be a gift to Trump. Nancy Pelosi is the nutty gift that just keeps on giving.

It appears as though Pelosi will get her dearest wish and be reinstated as Speaker of the House once more. God help us. But having that moonbat lead the House does have certain benefits attached. She’s 78-years-old and something has been not right with Pelosi for a long time. She constantly slurs her words, forgets what she’s saying and has brain freezes. She’s a Christmas gift to Trump.

“I feel very confident in the support that I have in the House Democratic Caucus, and my focus is on winning this election because so much is at stake,” Pelosi told reporters in July. Recently, she told The Washington Post: “Nobody is indispensable. But I do think that I am best qualified to take us into the future, protect the Affordable Care Act, to do our infrastructure bill and the rest. Stepping down this path, I know the ropes.”

Commie Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) stated just a few days ago: “I expect Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker, and I believe that she will be Speaker until she decides to leave.” She’s served 16 terms in the House and is a machine at raising money. But some Democratic leaders want her gone and to install new blood as leadership.

From The Daily Wire:

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) said late last year it was time for Pelosi — and other longtime party leaders — to depart and let a new generation lead House Democrats. “Our leadership does a tremendous job, but we do have this real breadth and depth of talent within our caucus and I do think it’s time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders,” Sanchez said.

But Pelosi wants the gavel, and while some political watchers say there’ll be a fight, many predict she’ll get it.

But Pelosi is not the only ascending Marxist here. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), 80, and arguably the most corrupt Democrat in the House, will now most likely chair the powerful House Financial Services Committee. She has vowed to impeach Trump now more times than I can count. The committee oversees the housing, banking, insurance, and securities industries, and Waters has big plans if she can head that committee.

“Last August, Waters moved unsuccessfully to subpoena Deutsche Bank AG for records concerning ‘internal reviews of the personal accounts of the president and his family,’ as well as more information about fees levied against the bank concerning lax money-laundering detection policies that could have allowed Russian operatives to funnel cash without a paper trail,” Fox News reported.

Waters has gone full-blown crazy since Trump came into office. “He claims that’s bringing people together but make no mistake, he is a dangerous, unprincipled, divisive, and shameful racist,” Waters said in February. She has threatened violence not only against President Trump, but Republicans in general.

Next up is weaselly Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), 58. He truly hates President Trump with a white-hot passion, but the media loves him. He will almost certainly head the House Intelligence Committee. I shudder to think what Stalinist moves he will make from that powerful perch. He says the committee will “investigate questions involving Russian money laundering and President Donald Trump’s businesses.” Schiff claims his committee will work hand-in-hand with Waters’ committee and focus on potential money-laundering schemes involving the Trump campaign and Russia, saying he’ll back Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged collusion.

“The question, though, that I don’t know whether Mueller has been able to answer — because I don’t know whether he’s been given the license to look into it — is were the Russians laundering money through the Trump Organization?” Schiff said. “And that will be a very high priority to get an answer to — for the reason that, if they were doing this, it’s not only a crime, but it’s something provable.”

One of the biggest and most deceptive Marxists out there is Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), 71. He will take over the House Judiciary Committee. Nadler will work with Schiff to oversee any attempt to impeach Trump. And trust me, they will give it their all. Nadler was on the committee when it voted to impeach former President Bill Clinton, but he said then that the vote was an attempted coup and a “gross abuse” of the impeachment power. He apparently doesn’t think that way anymore and is cool with doing it to a Republican. What a lying commie hypocrite.

“If the president perjured himself about colluding with Russians, that would be worthy of impeachment,” Nadler said in September. “Perjury about some real estate deal that happened 10 years ago that the Trump Organization took, that would not be an impeachable offense. It would be a crime.”

And then there is Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) who is definitely one of the most partisan members of the House. He will probably take over the House Oversight Committee, where he is now ranking Democrat. Cummings has said Trump “is a person [who] calls a lie ‘the truth’ and the truth ‘a lie.’” He has vowed to conduct investigations into the president. “If I can get documents, it doesn’t matter.”

“Cummings is prepping targets — from the security clearances of Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and former national security adviser Michael Flynn, to digging into how former EPA chief Scott Pruitt was able to keep his job for so long—and the list is getting longer by the week,” Politico reported on Oct. 2.

There’s nothing like a bunch of aging, hippy communists with a grudge and a lust for power-lost to throw a wrench into making America great again. As The Daily Wire appropriately said, “Here come the crazies!” Giddy up, the inmates are about to lead the asylum and much more violence will follow in their wake.


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3 thoughts on “Communist Radicals Take Control Of The House Of Representatives

  1. Thank you Terresa for that article! I was very optimistic too, regarding our President’s results but I underestimated the power of money, propaganda and, let’s be honest, naivete of some Americans. I would add a personal note: their lack of gratitude. I want to talk in particular about West VA. These guys are coming back from the dead but they keep voting for a dem who has been a disaster for too many long years.
    As far as the old witches in the “Democratic” party, they have problems with the new generation of young progressives and dems who are fed up with their stupidity. For it is really stupidity. Machievelism would be too big a compliment.
    The fight for our values continues. Thank you for being part of it.

  2. A sad day for Pres. Trump’s project of restoring the real America. Communist madness has again, officially, a foot in the door…

    I think it was J. R. Nyquist who stated somewhere, back around 2016, that Donald Trump has possibly entered the political arena too late. Things have already come too far, have grown way too monstrous, and way too destructive…

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