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Palin Attacks Obama Over Betraying America to the Russians

Sarah Palin weighs in on President Barack Obama‘s apparent obsession with bending over forwards for the Russians. From Business Insider As Governor I fought the…

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Greenie Gaia Guy’s Globalist Gabble

Listen to this unbelievable Green/socialist/Gaia loving/globalist/pseudo-scientific B.S. Tim Flannery, head of Australia’s Climate commission dribbles on very eloquently about not very much. This would be…

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Bankers to the Gallows! – And Other Catchy Protester Slogans

NoisyRoom By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Eat the rich… Middle class warfare… Bankers to the gallows! Do you still recognize America? Increasingly, and sadly, I do not….

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“Chooka” Parker Rocks the Aussies

Amazing what these Aussies can do. The “outback” Susan Boyle. Thanks Kathie

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Palin/West 2012?

Palin/West 2012! What say you?

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2012: Last Chance to Save Western Civilization?

At last! Someone who gets what this game is all about. That is, the looming  military destruction of mankind’s last, best hope – the United…

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