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Panetta Nomination Can Be, Must Be Stopped

From Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival We are planning to release more sensational details about CIA director Leon Panetta’s relationship with Communist Hugh DeLacy, himself…

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Russia Today Exposed!

Virulently anti Western Kremlin propaganda channel Russia Today gets a well deserved lampooning. No patriotic American should lend their time or credibility to this blatant…

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Must See! Popaditch Versus Filner

An excellent mini doco of the battle between former US Marine Nick Popaditch and socialist San Diego Congressman Bob Filner, in the 2010 elections. I…

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“This is What Democracy Looks Like” Yemeni Style

Do you think this crowd has a Jeffersonian constitutional republic in mind? Mob power, egged on by Marxists, Iranian agents and the Muslim Brotherhood, is…

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