The Left Embraces Terrorists

By: Renee Nal | RAIR

There is a loud silence from the establishment media and their Democrat allies regarding the Bernie Sanders staffer and self-described “anarcho-communist” Kyle Jurek, who was exposed by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas as reported at RAIR Foundation USA. There is a reason for this.

The Left Embraces Terrorists.

On May 29, 2019, the “free thought” publication Quillette published an article by German author Eoin Lenihan titled: “It’s Not Your Imagination: The Journalists Writing About Antifa Are Often Their Cheerleaders.” Lenihan observed that Antifa “often receives media coverage that is neutral or even favorable, with its members’ violence either being ignored by reporters or vaguely explained away as a product of right-wing provocation.”

Lenihan conducted non-scientific, but compelling research consisting of “a mix of network mapping and linguistic analysis” that some national journalists indeed were connected, at least online, to the “most influential and widely followed Antifa figures.” The article, as one could imagine, was not very well received by the left, who blew a collective gasket and claimed that the article resulted in the persecution of journalists, while at the same time continuing to apologize for Antifa!

“While we would not view being connected to antifascist organizations as discrediting, in general,” Antifa apologists Shane Burley and Alexander Reid Ross wrote indignantly at the Independent, “…for the right, those groups represent a threat to them, so they try to paint ‘Antifa’ as violent extremists.”

Newsflash, guys, Antifa are violent extremists.

Antifa at Berkeley
Antifa attacks
Yes, Antifa is Violent
Antifa threatens

Lenihan was smeared in every way possible but stood by his research. He was predictably banned on Twitter, and later wrote about his experience in an article at the Post Millennial titled: “How they ruin you: inside a smear campaign by activists and journalists.”

Of course, the left covers for Antifa and, as Lenihan observed in his initial piece, “many of the mainstream reporters who are most active in covering Antifa also tend to enthusiastically amplify Antifa’s claims on social media.” It is just the truth: The left embraces terrorists.

CASE STUDY: Willem Van Spronsen

Willem Van Spronsen was a 69-year-old anarchist and former member of the militant left-wing organization Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club who was shot and killed by police as he tried to firebomb an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington, using the “concentration camp” rhetoric of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and friends.

In his “manifesto,” Willem Van Spronsen, who was not allowed to own firearms, said “I am Antifa”, claimed he used a “home built unregistered ‘ghost’ ar15” and encouraged his comrades to “arm themselves.” The left did not hide their admiration for the domestic terrorist (see here and here), whose ex-wife “obtained four domestic-violence protection orders” against him since 2013.

File:Antifa mourns Willem.JPG
Antifa mourns Willem

CNN’s W. Kamau Bell highlighted the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club in May 2019 on his show “United Shades of America.” On Facebook, Bell gushed that the group is “actively working to end white supremacy” and encouraged readers to “She [sic] some support for the PSJBC.”

Shaun King referred to the aging anarchist’s manifesto as “beautiful, painful, devastating.” He later deleted the Tweet.


Keean Bexte of confronted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, asking for a comment on Willem Van Spronsen.

Not one condemned the attack.


Whether it is Rasmea Odeh, the Black Panthers, Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn, Kathleen Soliah, FARC or HAMAS, the left bends over backward to support domestic terrorists.

Whether it is the butcher Che Guevara or the “great strategist of the class war”, Vladimir Lenin, the left romanticizes murderous communist revolutionaries and those who serve as their “muscle”, such as the Black Bloc during the communist-led Occupy movement or Antifa today.

Even former President Obama expressed “more than a hint of admiration” for terrorist Qassem Soleimani, who was later the recipient of a well-deserved strike authorized by President Trump.

Hana Center Honors Terrorist Rasmea Odeh
HAMAS works openly in America through CAIR
Antifa Professor Injures Innocent People, Gets Probation
Linda Sarsour with terrorist supporter Abbas Hamideh
Rashida Tlaib with terrorist supporter Abbas Hamideh

Americans of goodwill have difficulty understanding the truly insidious nature of the left. As Americans are distanced by time and leftist indoctrination to the true horrors of the gulags and their apologists, the bad guys are slowly but steadily tightening their chokehold on the disintegrating traditions and institutions of America.


Author: renee nal

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