1 thought on ““Death to America” – “Wild Bill” on Foreign Aid

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more Wild Bill, we should end foreign aid to ALL countries regardless of how they feel or act towards the USA. But don’t be fooled, both the Democrats and Republicans are guilty of sending our money elsewhere whether under the guise of helping the poor or not. I’m afraid that the term “conservative” is lost by the Republican members of Congress the second they hit the chambers.

    But Bill, 270 million killed by Islamic violence? Really? You sound no different than the war mongerers Bush and Cheney (Yep Republicans) who attacked Iraq knowing there were no WMD’s and of course claiming that the extremist want to kill Americans because of our life style. This bogus excuse of killing Americans is propagated by both administrations and by the main stream media in order to garner support for our militarism world wide.

    Bill, I see you as a God fearing man but you have forgotten the most valuable lesson taught by him. Do unto others. Take a look at how the US has over 700 bases in 130 countries and then ask yourself these two questions. How many foreign bases on US soil? And what would you do if a stronger country came to the US, opened a base, replaced our leaders, killed our civilians and created civil war uprooting the masses all for their “interests”. I would hope that YOU would want to kill the infidels. This is the true reason we are no longer safe and not recognizing that is shameful at best. So man up, look at the real reasons we are frowned upon and make our officials lead by example not with a closed fist.

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