Neil Says Democrats are the Communist

The Bears are away to    day. Neil explains to Jack   ie about the Communist and the Democrats.

Did Jack  ie go to lunch with the Neil?

Thanks to the Neil.


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5 thoughts on “Neil Says Democrats are the Communist

  1. Most of it is true except the part of the bankers. They are the ones that run the world. Look at what they have done along with the government. They new they were giving loans to people that could not afford them and they did it anyway. People need to wake up to the banking cartel.

  2. Comedy Gold – "Why did God make you so beautiful? Certainly with your beauty you will unfortunately reproduce producing additional morons that I will need to support."


  3. There are a lot of misguided & misinformed Americans just like that girl.

    They've been conditioned to accept whatever the Secret Government does (installed by the National Security Act of 1947), and brainwashed thru the use of electromagnetic radiation and other MKULTRA techniques in long range takeover conspiracy that our elected officials secretly surrendered us to- starting with JFK's assassination in 1963.

    Time to wake up the Sheeple.

    "How 2 Make Treason Charges, Enemy Soros & Long Range Communist Takeover" video

    We also have a big problem with devil worshipers on long range takeover here, and it's directly related to the MKULTRA & electromagnetic attacks that I mentioned- "Aquino- NSA Devil Worshiper Long Range Takeover & Satellite Mind Control" video

    "Save America Now Plan (FULL version)video" or written version here Save-America-Now-Plan

  4. This is absolutely correct. Access to Soviet Archive documents and the release of the Verona Papers confirmed communist orgins of the DFL Party (under the direction of the mother Soviet Party).

    It began with the labor union movement (which is what communism is – "workers of the world -unite!; dictatorship of the 'proletatiat'"; etc.).

    It began with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW); morphed into the American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL – CIO); then into the Farm-Labor Party (DFL).

    Comparing the DFL Party Platform with Ch. 10 of the USSR Constitution will reveal word for word similarities. They are identical.

    Simply google "communist orgins of the DFL Party" and see labor unions complicity is perpetrating communist causes.

    The USSR Const. defines a "communist" as a member of a political party that exists to serve as the vanguard of the working people to develop and strenghten the "socialist" system.

    They are called "democrats" here.
    The Democrat Party is an appendage and front organization of the CPUSA. That is what it stands for, and whose bidding it does.

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