Pro-Communist Clark’s China Cuddling Confirmed

Allegations of “China cuddling” will come as no surprise to serious students of New Zealand’s 1999/2008 socialist Labour Government.

October 26, 2003, Helen Clark shakes hands with Chinese President Hu Jintao after signing two market access protocols between NZ and China at the Ruakura Research Centre.

Helen Clark, meets with Chinese President, Hu Jintao, at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, May 30, 2005. 

From Breitbart

A former New Zealand government courted China and France in an attempt to curb American and Australian influence in the Pacific, according to a leaked diplomatic cable published here Saturday.

New Zealand is also said to have formulated its anti-nuclear legislation, which caused a deep rift with Washington, because of a desire to trim its defence budget as well as for publicly stated ideological reasons.

The claims are made in a 2004 cable released by the WikiLeaks website under the heading “What we could not say in the mission programme plan”, the Dominion Post newspaper reported.

The cable said New Zealand’s Labour Party government led by Helen Clark flirted with China and France in the early 2000s “to curtail US and Australian influence in the region,” it said.

During a visit by the Chinese vice-minister for trade, “New Zealand Trade Minister (Jim) Sutton publicly claimed that China was New Zealand’s most important and valued trading partner, a claim that left Australian officials here scratching their heads in wonder.”

For a KeyWiki bio of New Zealand’s pro-communist former Prime Minister Helen Clark, go here

Clark currently holds the position of Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme – the third highest position in the U.N. She is also the chair of the United Nations Development Group.

While patriotic Kiwis are overjoyed that Clark no longer infects our body politic, her current position enables her to inflict damage on an international scale.


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2 thoughts on “Pro-Communist Clark’s China Cuddling Confirmed

  1. Surely nothing crystallises Helen Clark's true nature such as the utmost contradiction in her position, to this day, as a champion of "reproductive rights", i.e. abortion; – and her subsequent actions, once in power, of courting one of the grossest state oppressors of women's "reproductive rights" in the entire world: China. A country that we know – and she must surely know – punishes women who have too many children with forced abortion, forced sterilisation, and/or fines.

    Given this contradiction, I suspect her position on abortion is more to do with her self-hatred as a woman than any genuine "human rights" motivation. Leftists aren't for much; but they know what they're against. Btw, this self-hatred is not uncommon among radical feminists, and is IMO the most powerful explanation of feminist beliefs. (At least it is assuming you accept the differences between men and women that feminists necessarily deny.)

    Clark is a disgrace to her own feminist cause. The dupes who still believe that abortion and feminism, to their leaders really is about "women's rights" should be disgusted by Clark's courting this totalitarian population controlling state of which women not men are the #1 victims. (To say nothing of the unborn, most of whom killed are FEMALE.)

    Does Clark care about the truth? No. Leftists only care about what they have the power to control and to gain more power from.

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