Rodney and Krystal’s Samba Swansong

Rodney “dropping” Krystal in the final throes of their Samba on Dancing With the Stars has become the stuff of legend.

Were Krystal’s knickers really heading south as she claims? Was her bid to preserve her modesty the real reason for the fall? Was Krystal really trying to cover Rodney’s derriere or her own?

Well Rodney and Krystal will join all the other contestants on the floor for a final dance on tonight’s final.

I’ve heard a rumour that TVNZ wanted Rodney and Krystal to stick to a nice safe waltz. Fat chance. Apparently rebellious Rodney is determined to re-run the Samba.

I would expect nothing less.


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2 thoughts on “Rodney and Krystal’s Samba Swansong

  1. That was a pretty good body-slam Rodney gave Krystal.

    Perhaps Rodney could try his hand at wrestling next…


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