In the two days since I posted these documents proving Barack Obama’s membership of the socialist New Party this blog has reieved over 30,000 hits.

That is pretty high by New Zealand standards.

The documents, or links to them, have been posted on hundreds of blogs and websites, including World Net Daily, National Review Online and Fox News. They must have now been viewed hundreds of thousands of people.

I know there is more coverage coming.

I hope it will be enough to change enough people’s minds about one of the greatest con men the world has ever seen.

Thanks to all those who have emailed me with encouraging messages. I will reply to every single one as soon as I am able.

Thanks especially to all those who emailed the documents to every journalist, friend, acquaintance and long forgotten cousin they could think of.

The election is tightening daily. While most of the MSM is next to useless, the blogosphere is mobilising like never before. There is truckloads of information out there on Obama’s links to radicals, subversives, crooks and traitors. Bloggers are effectively fighting an underground war against the MSM and political establishment for their families freedoms.

I think there is a real chance to swing enough undecided voters against Obama to keep him away from the levers of power.

Let’s DO IT!


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13 thoughts on “Thankyou

  1. Anon

    Truth is a long term thing.

    This is not just about the election.

    Even if Obama is defeated, the same subversives will remain pushing more leftists into the Senate and congress.

    This election has alerted millions of Americans to the fact that socialism is so strong in the US that it may succeed in capturing the White House.

    That’s one thing we can thank Obama for.

  2. As for the socialist is a dirty word argument. You are missing the point. Whether it is a dirty word or not is beside the point. The point is, using that tactic to try to discourage voters from supporting Obama is clearly not working or else he would be behind in the polls.

    I can understand why you red watchers would persist down this line of expose but to me for McCain to continue using that angle as his primary focuss in the face of what is transparently clear to me, a failed tactic, shows me he lacks the temerity to change tack when losing therefore lacks the temerity to be the so called ‘leader of the free world’.

  3. “the race has tightened considerably ever since”

    According to the polls this is not correct.

    Unfortunately Obama is pulling ahead even in the ‘Swing states’. He is ahead in Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Missouri, and is tied with McCain in North Carolina. These are all states that went to Bush last election.

  4. If “Socialist” is no longer a dirty word in America (as several pro-Obama commenters claimed above), then why has Obama gone to such great lengths to conceal his connections to Socialist organizations?

    The connections are numerous and real, and cannot be denied; but Obama deflects and changes the subject, he minimizes and trivializes, and does everything he can to pretend his radical Socialist past is being blown out of proportion.

    Why bother, unless he KNOWS that the American people would condemn him for it?

    Because “Socialist” IS still a dirty word in America. Socialism is antithetical to the whole American way of life. It is diametrically opposed to the principles that made this country great—and so is Obama.

    Thanks for digging up some Truths for us, Trevor. I just discovered your blog, and will definitely return. Nice to know you’re helping—though I wish more of my fellow Americans had the brains to listen.

  5. Actually, the word “socialist” IS a dirty word in America – and the race has tightened considerably ever since “Joe the Plumber” managed to squeeze Obama’s undeniably socialistic intentions out of him.

    But if socialism is still abhorrent to mainstream America, it won’t be thanks to the mainstream media which seems to be comprised of identically ignorant leftist-liberal journalists who are churned out of liberal colleges having failed to maintain any sense of individualism or intellectual integrity and spend their careers happily churning out the same old left wing bromides over and over. Such people don’t have the intellect to understand the reasons why capitalism is so superior to socialism or why economic freedom ensures growth while wealth redistribution ensures stagnation.

    Obama is a socialist posing as a centrist in order to ingratiate himself to an electorate who would send him on his merry way in an instant had the mainstream media done their job in representing him honestly.

  6. Add the 4 “horror horror” posts here to the 50 or so somewhere else then divide by the 30,000 hits you reckon you generated with your “expose”, man that’s around 0.0018 of 1 per cent.

    And you reckon you, you Trevvy Boy, you can turn round the US presidential election with your 0.0018 of 1 per cent expose”….?

    Watch those delusions of grandeur Trev.

    Sarah Thick Cow might pick up on them and invite you over to her house to don night goggles and “watch” Russia from her kitchen. ‘Til the dawning…..

    IDF: 10++ Palestinians: 1

  7. President Bush has kept us safe from people like obama. He started the war in Iraq on advise of Colin Powell, who ironically is endorsing obama. So a vote for obama is a vote for the Iraq war. It should be noted that Powell was quite convincing to the American public in reasoning to go to war in Iraq, citing mass graves of 5000 women and children. Powell knew we’d not stand for a dictator killing people like this, not to mention he said there were WMD’s there.
    This rhetoric is getting really old comparing McCain to Bush.
    Please don’t listen to people like the above, Trevor. Character DOES matter. Obama’s past affilliations DO matter. Obama preys on the ignorant and the America/white haters, period.

  8. Communist and socialist were dirty words in America from the 1940s til September 11, but no longer. The Soviet Union as a national enemy has disappeared. Saying Obama is a socialist has no resonance with mainstream America anymore and therefore sees no traction.

  9. The thing is, the whole, ‘hes a filthy socialist’, angle is not working. Its not dissuading people from voting for Obama and the more these types of stories are pitched in the media the more his ratings go up.

    Unless something spectacular happens, Obama will be the next president of the USA and it is because his opposition has failed to show him in a way that would have put off most voters.

    People are voting against Bush. Nothing McCain can do by employing those tactics will divert people from that. Putting Palin up as a running mate who has that ‘dumb ass country bumpken’ thing going on just reminds them of the Bush nigtmare.

    When Obama speaks, people breathe a sigh of relief that here is a man whose IQ sounds higher than their 10 year olds.

    If the Republicans wanted to take him on, they should have found an intellectual amongst themselves that had the same affect. That candidate would have had to have been brutal on his or her critique of the Bush administration yet sticking hard to republican dogma some of which Bush has strayed from.

    McCain would have been fine as an opponent to Hillary Clinton but is playing the wrong game against Obama and is sending the wrong messages to the voters.

    Meanwhile you red watchers are pumping out information that the people of the USA clearly are not concerned about and are only helping McCain lose the fight.

  10. It is not just that the MSM is useless, it is that they are corrupt and in the tank for Obama. Any story that shows Obama in a bad light is either ignored or spun.

    Two examples:

    1) What should be a big story about credit card fraud at Obama’s website has so far been passed over by the MSM:

    2) When the media has a video of Obama attending a jew-bashing Khalidi dinner they just sit on it:

  11. Funny how the mainstream media just won’t pick up on that Obama is a Socialist, and may destry America from within with the far left policies sure to come out after the election.

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