1 thought on “Senator Ted Cruz Reacts To Jeb Bush Interview

  1. I stand with Ted Cruz and agree with him about the Amnesty issue and also opposed to Common Core.
    The example of a child born to illegal parents– going on to college, etc definitely should not be funded y the taxpayers. First of all, read the 14th Amendment which has been violated for years. Citizens have to be under the authority of the U.S. Gov’t. Illegals aren’t under our authority, they are under their own Govt’s. authority so there is no such thing as Anchor babies as their parents aren’t legal themselves.

    Govt. lured the States with dollars to accept Common Core (shame as every leader follows the money). States took the money without really seeing what it was about, etc. While States are trying to get out, once it becomes Law in a State, there is no getting out. Parents have no say, no School Board as Govt. then has total control. Not only what is being taught, it is an absolute NO.

    Even when the majority of the people or even all oppose an issue such as Common Core, the State for the gift of money will ignore the people they claim to represent.

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