The Catholic Church Has Gone Socialist

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

Since we published our article, “Catholic Church Captured by ‘Progressive Forces,’” it is starting to dawn on many in and out of the media that Pope Francis has come down on the side of the “progressive,” and even Marxist, forces in the world today.

Writing at the and commenting on the pope’s friendly meeting with Cuban dictator Raul Castro, Catholic writer Stephen Herreid of the Intercollegiate Review called the pope’s dealings with Castro and other Marxists “a new Catholic scandal” as significant and terrifying as the presence of pedophiles in the church. He wonders how conservative Catholics can continue to pay respect to a pope “intent on making friends with the enemies of religious liberty.”

Francis had a one-hour meeting with Raul Castro on May 10. The day before, Castro had greeted Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Francis will visit Cuba in September prior to his tour of the United States.

The Associated Press reported that Castro commented, after meeting with the pope, that the pontiff “is a Jesuit, and I, in some way, am too.” Castro added, “I always studied at Jesuit schools.” He also promised, “When the pope goes to Cuba in September, I promise to go to all his Masses, and with satisfaction.”

The evidence is getting too big for the major media to ignore: the pope has made common cause with the forces of international Marxism, which are associated with atheism, the suppression of traditional Christianity and the persecution and murder of Christians.

Conservative Catholics and many others are terrified of what is to come. Some fear that the Roman Catholic Church has joined the campaign for a global socialist state that could turn into an anti-Christian tyranny.

Dr. Timothy Ball, author of The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science, told me during a recent interview, “I think the Catholic Church is regretting making him the pope. They did it because the previous pope was starting to deal with the problems of pedophilia and corruption in the money in the church. So the powerful Cardinals pushed him [Benedict] aside. It wasn’t a health matter at all. He just realized he couldn’t beat them…He [Francis] is bringing in these socialist ideas. He’s already expressed some of them—about inequities of wealth, redistributing the wealth, which are themes you’ve heard from Obama.”

Benedict had also been a strong opponent of Liberation Theology.

As Herreid put it in his Blaze column, “In a matter of months, Pope Francis has announced a desire to ‘quickly’ beatify a deceased liberation theologist bishop, reconciled with a Sandinista activist priest who once called Ronald Reagan a ‘butcher’ and an ‘international outlaw,’ and even invited the founder of the liberation theology movement, Rev. Gustavo Gutierrez, to speak on the need for a ‘poor Church for the Poor’ at an official Vatican event this week.”

In fact, this is the latest example of Francis welcoming advocates of Liberation Theology—a doctrine manufactured by the old KGB to dupe Christians into supporting Marxism—directly into the Vatican.

Francis received Gutierrez, considered the father of Liberation Theology, in September 2013, but in a private audience without photos. Then, on November 22, 2014, at the end of an audience granted to the participants of the National Missionary Congress of Italy, Francis warmly greeted him personally. Gutierrez, a Peruvian theologian and Dominican priest, is being welcomed as an official guest at the Vatican to participate in this week’s Caritas Internationalis General Assembly, whose theme is, “One Human Family, Caring for Creation.”

Caritas is a global confederation of 164 Catholic organizations. Its U.S. affiliates are Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief Services.

Herreid comments, “Neither Pope St. John Paul II nor his trusted friend and successor Benedict XVI were taken in by liberation theology. John Paul fought Communism throughout his pontificate, and Benedict was equally forceful against liberation theology’s interpretation of the traditional ‘preferential option for the poor’ as a preferential option for violent state-mandated wealth-redistribution.”

The Francis-Marxist alliance seems to confirm the predictions of the late Vatican insider Malachi Martin, who wrote penetrating books about the Catholic Church entitled The Jesuits and The Keys of This Blood. He believed that Mikhail Gorbachev, who presided over the “restructuring” of the old Soviet Union, never gave up on Marxism-Leninism but adopted the viewpoint of the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci that a worldwide communist state could only be achieved gradually. It was to be a “revolution by infiltration.” He said, “Liberation Theology was a perfectly faithful exercise of Gramsci’s principles.”

Martin wrote that “The most powerful religious orders of the Roman Church—Jesuits, Dominicans, Franciscans, Maryknollers—all committed themselves to Liberation Theology.”

In addition to Gutierrez, one of the speakers at this week’s Vatican conference is Jeffrey Sachs of the U.N.’s Millennium Project, an advocate of a global tax that could impose a cost of $845 billion from the U.S. alone. Sachs is speaking at a panel discussion on “Growing inequalities: a challenge for the one human family.”

Sachs previously appeared at a Vatican conference on “Sustainable Humanity, Sustainable Nature: Our Responsibility,” which was held from May 2 – 6, 2014. It was held under the authority of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

A joint statement published after the close of that Vatican conference called for Sustainable Development Goals “to guide planetary-scale actions after 2015.”

It said, “To achieve these goals will require global cooperation, technological innovations that are within reach, and supportive economic and social policies at the national and regional levels, such as the taxation and regulation of environmental abuses, limits to the enormous power of transnational corporations and a fair redistribution of wealth. It has become abundantly clear that Humanity’s relationship with Nature needs to be undertaken by cooperative, collective action at all levels—local, regional, and global.”

This week’s Caritas conference includes consideration of a “strategic framework” for the years 2015 to 2019 that quoted Francis as calling on every Christian “to be an instrument of God for the liberation and promotion of the poor…”

In building “a civilization of love,” the document urges the “transforming [of] unjust systems and structures” and desires an outcome in which “Justice is attained with respect to climate change and the use of natural resources…”

Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, explained what all of this means in simple language. “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history,” she said. “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the industrial revolution. That will not happen overnight and it will not happen at a single conference on climate change…It just does not occur like that. It is a process, because of the depth of the transformation.”

The pope’s left-wing supporters at the Catholic Climate Covenant are ecstatic over his upcoming encyclical on ecology and climate change and believe it can be the catalyst for this deliberate transformation. Dan Misleh of the Catholic Climate Covenant tells his supporters that his group is creating what he calls “an educational, inspirational video” on how to stop global warming and developing new programs to help Catholics “reduce their carbon footprint.”

Members of his climate coalition include:

  • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development
  • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Migration and Refugee Services
  • Catholic Charities USA
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Catholic Health Association of the United States
  • Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach
  • Conference of Major Superiors of Men
  • Carmelite NGO
  • Catholic Rural Life
  • Franciscan Action Network
  • National Council of Catholic Women
  • Leadership Conference of Women Religious
  • Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities
  • National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry
  • Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

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7 thoughts on “The Catholic Church Has Gone Socialist

  1. I was raised a catholic and am all too familiar with its liturgy. I am convinced that the catholic church (the Vatican being a bank, not a church) is the Biblical Whore of Babylon, the pope the False Prophet.

    This is all out in the open now. Marxism-socialism-communism is the doctrine of Lucifer, the “Bearer of Light”.

    1. 33rd Degree Masons are taught Lucifer is the god of light. Any possibility Islam is the whore of Babylon? Could it be that social media is the “100th Egg” the jihad’s covet so they can “lay waste to the world and all that is in it?” I’ve been thinking the USA under Obama is the 100th Egg, but social media, which gives them all the communication, recruiting and planning tools a lone wolf army needs to strike anywhere, anytime – and why we owe a debt to Pam Geller who drew them out for all to see – and deny.

      There have been good Popes and bad Popes, saints and sinners through the centuries. You wouldn’t have wanted a whore to assemble the Bible you worship would you?

      I’m not ready to cash in this Pope yet – though from what I read in the press it leaves me wondering.

      “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.”

  2. The Pope just signed a “treaty” with the PA / Hamas unity government!!!

    Bad actors ALWAYS run together…..

  3. (Posted to my lists)

    After years of trying, I find nothing to counter the observations of the author and those she quotes. I’ve tried to communicate with the members of the Catholic Climate Covenant for months and various members of the hierarchy and Catholic Media for years,, yielding only “remove from my list” demands. These people and those who have the ear of the hierarchy are not interested in polite, intelligent dialogue. They have their template and their agenda. It doesn’t bode well for the world much less the Church.

    I dare say these same folks who quickly embrace Liberation theology and Marxist redistribution are the same ones who broadly rejected the spiritual richness of the Charismatic Renewal. One might call the Renewal the Tea Party of the Church – full of joy and fervor for peace and prosperity, but the target of hate and disdain.

    The world will always hate the lover – especially when the world has successfully evangelized the Church.

    As an Engineer who has been involved in environmental remediation since 1991, and currently marketing very effective water and energy saving technology, I’m insulted by the ignorance and stubbornness of these so-called “progressives” who in reality seem to hate the very Church and Creation they claim to uphold.

    I maintain the solutions offered in the concept linked here totally and purely upholds the teachings of Christ and his Church while also defining what these scalawags have been up to for years:

    And for Americans who still love their country:

  4. No offense intended but this pope was a Marxist before he became pope AND the Catholic church has always been about redistribution (not of their own incredible wealth of course) but of the wealth of the working class and the rich. They do it for exactly the same reason that politicians vote for welfare; to acquire a constituency. If the catholic church were to sell off all their treasures and antiquities that they have in vaults and churchs around the world they could generate enough cash to single handedly lift all poor people out of poverty. The fact that they don’t do this erases any claim they might have to a benevolent intent.

    1. Gone,

      Please furnish proof of your claims. Yes, I know the church has untold wealth.

      If this church is about redistribution so are all of them. The BIG difference, is they should be for us to redistribute our wealth ourselves. And they were. Tithe 5% to the church and 5% to everything else.

      NOW, I give them NOTHING. I will not give them my money for the tyrants and dictators to get their hands on in order to take us down.


      1. It’s called the Corporeal Works of Mercy – a solemn Church obligation. The problem is too many Church leaders turned that responsibility over to the state.

        You think there are tyrants in the Church – and there are – they don’t hold a candle to “progressive” bureaucrats and elected officials who hold little value for human life unless economically viable. Church services have about a 20% overhead. Federal dollars are loaded 75%. Simple economics for helping the helpless.

        As for the Church’s wealth – that’s what got the Reformation going – coveting of Church lands, which took care of the poor through work and a place to raise their families. The European rich wanted more.

        Consider too, the magnificent works of art and architecture inspired by God and the leaders of the Church – and those of wealth to support their work. It takes individuals discovering their gifts and talents and having a place to develop and apply them. The Church has always been a great venue for fine art, architecture and music – even developing the Scientific Method.

        The USA under the Triune package a the Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights brought that opportunity home on a national scale.

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