My Meeting with Trevor Loudon

By: Brent Parrish
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This past weekend author and fellow Watchers’ Council alumnus Trevor Loudon was here in Indianapolis to speak before the Indianapolis TEA Party group. I have been wanting to attend one of Trevor’s Loudon’s presentations since Trevor started his book tours here in the United States a few years back.

I’ve been closely following Trevor Loudon’s itinerary, and was willing to make the trip to a neighboring State, if need be, to hear him speak. Recently I read that Trevor would be speaking in Evansville, Indiana, which is about a three-hour drive from where I live. I had even booked a hotel room for the trip. But then I noticed that Trevor Loudon would be speaking to the Indianapolis TEA Party on the north-side of Indianapolis just two days after his Evansville engagement.

Before I go any further, some of you may be wondering, just who is Trevor Loudon?

Trevor Loudon is a political researcher and author from Christ’s Church, New Zealand. He is also editor and founder of One question Trevor is asked on a regular basis is why a New Zealander would care so much about American politics. His answer, in some ways, is quite similar to my own reasons and motivations for writing about American politics, despite the fact we live on opposite sides of the planet.

Trevor is intensely grateful for the sacrifices of the “greatest generation” during the Second World War; he credits the U.S. in saving his country when the Imperial Japanese Army was running roughshod across the South Pacific. Loudon is quite concerned about the inroads that communists and socialists have made into the Democratic Party in America, and the very real threat this poses to liberty, freedom and the unalienable rights of the individual. As Trevor states, “If America goes down, we all go down.”

I feel the same sort of compulsion to fight the radical left in the U.S. for many of the same reasons. There have been members of my family, like my Grandfather, who fought and sacrificed greatly during World War Two in defense of freedom and liberty. Anything that threatens the right of the individual to be free and to pursue happiness is anathema to me; it is the greatest threat, in my mind, to true peace and prosperity for all people around the world, not just Americans.

I had originally planned to write one article regarding Trevor’s speech to the Indianapolis TEA Party group and our conversation afterward. But I soon came to the conclusion that I would need to deal separately with both my meeting with Trevor Loudon and our one-on-one discussion that followed. So I will be writing another article that deals solely with Trevor’s Indianapolis TEA Party speech in the very near future, and will focus solely on what it was like meeting Trevor Loudon in this article.

When I first started reading up on Barack Obama several years ago, I became very concerned about the close ties and connections Barack Obama had to well-known communists and socialists, and the radical left in general. My fears were first confirmed, at least as far as I’m concerned, when I read a list of Obama’s White House Czars–the murky shadow government few of us ever read or hear about. The list of czars was chock full of anti-capitalists and gun abolitionists, among other far-left radical sorts, whose only ambition appears to be the usurpation of the U.S. Constitution in order to bring about their collectivist utopian vision. Ridding the U.S. of its Constitution is a necessary ingredient for the far-left, for the Constitution provides the greatest impediment to their goal of a collectivist society.

It was around this time that I stumbled onto an article by Trevor Loudon at Fox Nation–a news aggregation and opinion web site. When I started to read more of Trevor’s work and research on the radical left posted at his blog, I was jolted by the fact that the political situation on the left was far worse than I had ever imagined.

My fears were further confirmed when Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar,” Van Jones, was outed as a self-avowed communist and forced to step down. It was Trevor Loudon who first broke the story, which was then picked up by Glenn Beck. Trevor Loudon was also the first person to make the connection to the character “Frank”–from Barack Obama’s autobiography Dreams From My Father–as none other than staunch communist Frank Marshall Davis.

Trevor’s work, in no small way, motivated me to start my own research into the radical left, eventually leading me to start my own blog. When I first visited Trevor’s blog, I noticed he was a member of a group of writers (blog ring) known as the Watcher’s Council. Every week the members of the Council submit their own article (council submission) plus an article of interest written by someone else (non-council submission). Each week the members of Council vote on both the council and non-council submissions and the winners are announced two days later.

I couldn’t help but want to be a part of the Watcher’s Council. But a slot must be open, and new members must be voted in. Amazingly, at the time I inquired into joining the Council, I discovered one of the members had recently retired from the group and a slot was indeed open. A vote was taken, and I’ve been a proud member of the Council ever since. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed being a part of such an esteemed group of writers. There’s nothing like peer review to improve one’s writing. Every one of the Council members has their own unique style and insight into current events. We have a great time sharing links, tips, stories, and even our own personal joys and struggles.

Naturally, I was quite excited to be part of it all. Admittedly, when I first became involved with the Watcher’s Council, I was somewhat disappointed that we didn’t hear much from Trevor Loudon. It certainly wasn’t the only reason I wanted to become a member. But being able to bounce things off of Trevor Loudon was certainly a motivating factor. But now I know why we haven’t been hearing much from Trevor these days; he was feverishly busy writing books, and was preparing to embark on an extended book tour here in the U.S.

Trevor Loudon and I had been exchanging emails for several years prior to my joining up with the Watcher’s Council. I would send Trevor tips, which he would then post to his blog from time to time. It was Trevor Loudon who posted one of my first politically related articles–a satirical piece about the raid on Osama’s bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan that examined what the liberal media might report if the president had been George W. Bush at the time. It seemed to be hit with some of Trevor’s readers and motivated me to continue writing.

One person that has also been an inspiration and a great friend (and fellow Council member) is Noisy Room’s Terresa Monroe-Hamilton. Terresa did a lot of work helping to format Trevor’s books, and also works daily keeping Trevor’s blog up and running; she assists with web administration at both and As Trevor says, “Terresa is a real champion for liberty.” When I haven’t been able to reach Trevor, Terresa has been kind enough to relay my inquiries to him.

When I read that Trevor Loudon would be in Indiana for his book tour, I decided to move heaven and earth to go see him. I was really hoping I would get an opportunity to possibly sit down with Trevor for a formal interview. I shot Terresa an email asking whether Trevor would be up for an interview. I received a prompt reply stating that, yes, Trevor would be willing to sit down with me following his presentation to the Indianapolis TEA Party group. I was thrilled. This would be the first time I had ever met the man in the flesh.

One of the Council Members, Tom White, from had a chance to meet Trevor Loudon recently when he toured Virginia. Tom wrote a short piece about his meeting with Trevor Loudon and stated there were so many people wanting to speak to Trevor following his presentation that he only had the opportunity to shake hands. I was somewhat concerned I would only be able to do the same should I get the chance to meet up with Trevor. That’s why I now feel very fortunate that I actually was granted the pleasure of sitting down with Trevor and discussing a plethora of subjects related to the current political climate in America.

I arrived a bit early at the Knights of Columbus building on the north-side Indianapolis of before Trevor gave his speech. There was already a small crowd of people gathered around Trevor when I walked in the door. I patiently waited at the end of the line for the opportunity to shake his hand and introduce myself. When I finally got the chance, it was only a few minutes prior to the start of his presentation. He was very cordial and said he had been wondering when I might show up at one his events. But we didn’t have much time to converse before he took the podium.

Trevor then took to the “stage” and introduced himself to the Indianapolis TEA Party group. There was a pretty decent size crowd in attendance. During Trevor’s introduction, he actually called me out of the crowd, stating it was good to finally meet me; he told the crowd that we had been exchanging emails for years. I was really honored and humbled to be mentioned in his speech. I won’t soon forget that kind gesture.

Trevor spoke for a good two hours, including a question-and-answer period following his speech. Once again, after Trevor’s Loudon’s presentation, a line of people waited to meet Trevor Loudon. After a short while, the line cleared and I was able to speak to Mr. Loudon for a little while, along with another gentlemen who had a number of questions for our favorite New Zealander.

I started to think that my interview with Trevor might not happen. He had already spoken for a long time, and been busy all day with related engagements. So I asked Trevor if he would like to have breakfast in the morning. He agreed! Trevor said it would have to be early, since he had a couple of radio interviews and another speech to give the next day.

I wasn’t about to miss the opportunity to sit down with a noteworthy author who had influenced my own work to a great extent. I made sure I had the correct contact information before I left the Indianapolis TEA Party gathering.

At six o’clock the following morning, I called Trevor. I told him I hoped I hadn’t awakened him. Of course, I had. But he was incredibly gracious and quite friendly about it all. When I asked Trevor for the address of where he was staying, he said he didn’t know. It was kind of funny. He’s been making so many appearances, and is in so many different locales around the U.S. on a daily basis, that all he knew was that he was in Indianapolis, Indiana, but not exactly sure where. Trevor said he would have to check the GPS in his car and call me back. Fortunately, Trevor was staying at someone else’s home that was not far from where I live, and not far from where he had given his presentation at the Knights of Columbus facility. I made arrangements to meet him there.

On my way, I was belatedly trying to decide where I would take him for breakfast. There really wasn’t much to choose that wasn’t out of the way. I passed a McDonald’s at the intersection near the Knights of Columbus. When I arrived, Trevor was sitting in his car checking his phone messages. We then hopped in my car and headed back to the McDonald’s I just passed on the way in. I told Trevor that I felt bad I couldn’t take him to a nicer place than McDonald’s fast-food restaurant, but he took it all in stride.

One thing Terresa Monroe-Hamilton had let me in on was the fact that Trevor Loudon loves steak. When we approached the counter to order our food, Trevor was intently scanning the breakfast menu. He then asked me if they had steak. I quickly noticed that McDonald’s does offer a steak biscuit, which he quickly ordered. Although I can’t tell you if it’s really steak or not, or even if he ate it all. If I ever get the chance to meet up with Trevor Loudon again, I feel obliged to take him someplace where we can have a real steak.

One of the things I always suspected, that if I ever had the opportunity to talk to Trevor Loudon, that we could talk for hours. And my suspicions proved spot on. My original intent had been to conduct a formal interview. But I think what ended happening was even better–much better. Our conversation started the moment he got in the car. When we finally sat down for breakfast, it was like talking to an old friend. It was really like a meeting between two kindred souls, and the discussion flowed freely. I had a list of carefully prepared questions, but a number of my questions had already been answered by the numerous radio interviews and videos by Trevor Loudon that I had pored over the past several months; but, in the end, it was more of an in-depth discussion between comrades.

It would be impossible to do justice to all of the subjects we discussed at breakfast on Monday. Although I will say this, both Trevor Loudon and I believe that the fall of Berlin Wall was just that: the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was just a structure that fell; it did not spell the end of communism. We both subscribe to the theories of Anatoliy Golitsyn, who refers to the end of the Cold War as the “phony downfall.” Trevor also told me he has spoken to Jeff Nyquist extensively on this matter as well. I will get into this subject in more depth in a later article. But, suffice it to say, communism is alive and well in our world today. One thing that Trevor often says during his speeches is the greatest coup of all time was when the devil convinced people he does not exist. Now, just replace the word devil with communism, and you’ll get my drift.

Trevor Loudon has spoken to well over two hundred TEA Party groups, and has done countless radio interviews. He has even appeared on Glenn Beck’s TV show a few times, and numerous times on Glenn Beck’s radio show. We just learned recently that Trevor is slated to appear on Glenn Beck’s television show again in the near future. The man is working tirelessly in an all-out effort to alert the American people about the very radical agenda of Barack Obama and his minions.

Trevor will be here in the States until April. He is granted 90-day work visas in order to conduct his book tours. Although Trevor often states that if he stays here past the ninetieth day, he will receive free healthcare, welfare and various other subsidies. (Yes, that is sarcasm.)

Trevor has a wife and two children in New Zealand. He’s left a lot behind in order to do what he is doing. But he believes in what is doing, as do I. My only question was, before I met him, is he the real McCoy? I can honestly say I truly believe he is the real McCoy. I found Trevor to be incredibly gracious and genuine person–very down-to-earth. He seemingly has an encyclopedic mind. I’m blown away by all the knowledge this man has acquired over his years of tireless research into communists, socialists, progressives and the International Left. It was just as I imagined: I could’ve talked to Trevor Loudon for hours … and we still wouldn’t have scratched the surface.

I know many people would like to sit down with Trevor Loudon for one-on-one conversation. I’m very honored and eternally grateful that I had the chance to do just that. If you ever get the opportunity to hear Trevor Loudon speak, I highly encourage you to make the time. Granted, the subject matter is not lighthearted, but rather grim. But it is of vital importance that liberty-loving Americans, and freedom-loving people all over the world, understand what they are up against, and what can be done about it.

Like the famous Chinese military philosopher Sun Tzu so clearly laid out in his famous treatise The Art of War, one must define the enemy before victory can be achieved. If there was anybody whoever did yeoman’s work in defining the enemy, it is Trevor Loudon–a true scribe for liberty.



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