The Communist Plot Against Trump

By: Cliff Kincaid

You have probably heard about the scandal involving anti-Trump prosecutor Fani Willis and her well-paid lawyer lover/boyfriend. Their bizarre romantic and financial relationship may sink her case against Trump. If so, she will be replaced, and the case will go on.

But having a lover on the payroll is not the real problem that taints the prosecutions against Trump, and it’s not the most important case.

Consider anti-Trump Special Counsel Jack Smith and his wife, Katy Chevigny. She is a financial backer of Biden who also did a sympathetic “documentary” on Michelle Obama. This conflict of interest hasn’t stopped Smith and sympathetic judges appointed by President Barack Hussein Obama from trying to tie Trump up in court over issues like possession of presidential documents and questioning the efforts by Democratic Party politicians to rig the results of the 2020 presidential election through illegal mail-in voting schemes.

But the real story is not Katy Chevigny but her parents, and that is what my new special report is all about.

I am pleased to present this new 12-page special report, “The Communists, Globalists, Terrorists and Fellow Travelers Trying to Jail President Trump.” Click here to read this new report.

Chevigny’s parents were well-connected to the communist and terrorist movements that backed Barack Hussein Obama and are now trying to destroy Trump.

Her father Paul was a leftist lawyer associated with the communist-front National Lawyers Guild who tried to put the New York Police Department’s “Red Squad” out of business.  Her mother Bell was a mentor to convicted and incarcerated terrorists.

Trump was a successful businessman before he became president but he was not a Ronald Reagan, who fought the communists in Hollywood and understood their tactics and strategies when he entered the Oval Office. As a businessman in New York, Trump had to deal with corrupt politicians and the mob. A novice in Washington, he didn’t understand how the forces of international communism, led by China and Russia, would work to replace him with Democrat Joe Biden. These enemies used members of the U.S. “intelligence community” to accomplish this objective, giving rise to the term “Deep State.”

To understand what they are trying to do to Trump, consider the fate of the man who put the mob out of business, former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, a Trump confidant. He is now being put out of business by the same forces trying to destroy Trump. These include corrupt politicians and the communists.

They have forced Giuliani into bankruptcy. They are trying to do the same to Trump. Trump can survive financially. But for Trump and the United States, the stakes are higher than that.

Whether you like Trump or not, what is being done to him through the “American” justice system is un-American. That is why, in my opinion, Americans of all political persuasions must understand the stakes and rally to his side.

To understand Trump’s threat to a United Nations-dominated “New World Order,” consider how the correlation of forces has changed since the days when Reagan was president. Reagan had himself commented on how the international communist movement had killed Democratic President John F. Kennedy. That marked a key turning point in the direction of the national Democratic Party, which then abandoned anti-communism and became a “progressive” movement.  The direction of the Democratic Party as an adjunct to the international communist movement was solidified under President Barack Hussein Obama, an agent of influence for Russia and China.

The mob operated like the communists, except the communists have international backing and have not been put out of business. They are flourishing in cities such as New York City and Washington, D.C.  Why and how did this happen?

I don’t claim in my new special report that Jack Smith’s wife Katy Chevigny is a red-diaper baby. But you can come to your own conclusions about the influence her parents had, and what this “power couple” represents on the domestic and world stage.

I always suspected something sinister behind Jack Smith. We exposed the fact that Smith signed a “solemn declaration” to a United Nations-backed global tribunal and that he learned his legal tactics at the U.N.’s International Criminal Court.  Then we began examining his wife and her family.

As you know, before we were defunded and censored, we held National Press Club conferences and had 500 videos on YouTube. Yet, I still have the best resources in the country on the communist movement. I have been to “Revolution Books” and numerous communist conferences in New York City and Washington, D.C. over the years. I have recently covered the communist and “Free Gaza” protests in D.C. I know these people.

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Cliff Kincaid


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