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Will Ted Cruz run for President? Is the Pope a Catholic? Is Barack Obama a communist?

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Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi Releases Interim Report
April 24, 2014 – 2:16 pm EST | No Comment

Accuracy in Media


Has the Obama administration switched sides in the War on Terror, providing arms and aid to militants linked to al Qa’eda? This conclusion was strongly hinted at during the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi (CCB) conference held last September to uncover the truth behind the Benghazi, Libya attacks of 2012. “Here’s the sentence, here’s the headline, that the Obama administration does not want broadcast anywhere or printed anywhere: ‘Obama Administration Arms Al Qaeda,’” said Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell at the time. Farrell’s words would prove prescient.

In its new Interim Report, the product of months of interviews with sources knowledgeable about what was happening in Libya, the CCB uncovers that, indeed, arms were going to al Qa’eda. “The U.S. facilitated the delivery of weapons and military support to al Qa’eda-linked rebels in Libya,” states one of the key findings of the report. The report also includes a summary of the 85 Freedom of Information Act requests submitted by Accuracy in Media (AIM) and the CCB.

There are also Additional Documents, including relevant articles, that support and clarify points made in the Interim Report.

Accuracy in Media and the CCB held a press briefing on Tuesday, April 22nd at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. to release and discuss the Interim Report. Attendees included CNN, The Daily Mail, Fox News, The Washington Free Beacon, World Magazine, WorldNetDaily, and The Daily Caller.

The key findings in the report include that

  • Muammar Qaddafi expressed his willingness to abdicate shortly after the beginning of the 2011 Libyan revolt, but the U.S. ignored his calls for a truce, which led to extensive loss of life (including four Americans), chaos, and detrimental outcomes for U.S. national security objectives across the region.
  • The U.S. facilitated the delivery of weapons and military support to al Qa’eda-linked rebels in Libya.
  • On the day of the attacks in Benghazi, whether or not there was an official order to stand down, the result was the same. There were military assets, for example, at the U.S. base in Sigonella, in Sicily, Italy that could have been brought to bear, and perhaps could have saved the lives of the two men killed at the CIA Annex, the scene of the second attack that night. The failure to attempt to rescue these Americans amounts to a dereliction of duty.
  • Previous investigations have been ineffective as the cover-up of Benghazi continues at all levels of government, prompting the need for a Select Committee with the power of subpoena to investigate this tragedy and compel testimony under oath outside the five-minute rule imposed on Congressional members by the current investigative structure.
  • America needs Congress to form a Select Committee to uncover the facts about Benghazi that remain unavailable to the public, and are obscured by the five-minute rule imposed upon Members of Congress.

Accuracy in Media is pleased to see that some of the news media are choosing to cover this important breaking story. Fox News reported on the press conference, and The Drudge Report linked to The Daily Mail story. A variety of news outlets and alternative media have published articles on the press briefing and the Interim Report, with more to come. Notably absent, though invited, were news organizations such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, CBS and ABC. Here are some of the websites with links to the articles:

World Magazine

The Daily Mail

Fox News Nation



PJ Media

Fox News Nation

Mr. Conservative

Hot Air

The Drudge Report



In addition, in the next day or two, the full video of the nearly two-hour press conference will be posted on the CCB website, along with an analysis of the press coverage and, in some instances, corrections. We appreciate your continuing interest in this vitally important story, and your support for the work of AIM and the CCB.

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Addressing The Alleged Bundy Remarks
April 24, 2014 – 1:03 pm EST | 2 Comments

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Wild Horses on BLM Land in Montana

Yes, I heard about the New York Times’ allegations of racism against Cliven Bundy. First, may I just point out who is making the allegations and that the comments were ‘overheard’ by a single journalist. I find believing anything the New York Times has to say suspect. However, having said that, if it is true that Bundy made racist remarks and that they were not taken out of context, that is inexcusable.

But this was never about Bundy. It is about the overreach of the BLM, EPA and federal government. It is about the states getting their lands back out West. It is about the militarization of federal agencies. Each of us should be thinking: what if that were my land, my home, my family? I don’t think there is a one of us out there that can’t be smeared over something in our past and the Left is quite willing to keep digging until they find just the right sordid morsel to discredit you. It’s what they do.

There was one reporter and one photographer at the press briefing and this is what the NYT said Bundy put forth:

He said he would continue holding a daily news conference; on Saturday, it drew one reporter and one photographer, so Mr. Bundy used the time to officiate at what was in effect a town meeting with supporters, discussing, in a long, loping discourse, the prevalence of abortion, the abuses of welfare and his views on race.

“I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,” he said. Mr. Bundy recalled driving past a public-housing project in North Las Vegas, “and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids — and there is always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch — they didn’t have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for their kids to do. They didn’t have nothing for their young girls to do.

“And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do?” he asked. “They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.”

A spokesman for Mr. Paul, informed of Mr. Bundy’s remarks, said the senator was not available for immediate comment. Chandler Smith, a spokesman for Mr. Heller, said that the senator “completely disagrees with Mr. Bundy’s appalling and racist statements, and condemns them in the most strenuous way.”

If this is an accurate quote (and I mean ‘if’), then it is cringe worthy. But it in no way takes from what we are all fighting for here. It will be used against Conservatives and the movement for freedom, but you know what? It won’t stop us.

Allen West had this to say on arming federal agencies:

The rate at which this administration is arming federal agencies is quite alarming. Case in point–the recent standoff against Cliven Bundy in Nevada. In recent years, armed federal government agents have stormed against citizens in Ruby Ridge, Miami (the Elian Gonzalez case), and Waco, Texas (the Branch Davidians). Each of these assaults occurred under a Democrat presidential administration. Enabled by lies and deceit, could it be that liberal progressive socialism only works by fear, intimidation, and coercion? Or is Obama more afraid of the American people than our enemies abroad?

I find it humorous that liberal progressives accuse their opponents of being fascists, but the liberals are actually the most intolerant and oppressive when it comes to free speech, expression, and petition of redress of grievances by the American citizenry.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) now have armed agents. The Department of Justice is heavily partisan — and that assertion has nothing to do with racism. I support our law enforcement agencies having the proper resources and equipment to fulfill their mission of keeping us safe from criminals and enemies who have penetrated our sovereign borders. However, we do not need to become a “police state” where our government agencies start to resemble special operation strike troops of the U.S. mlitary.

West is absolutely right here – this police state crap needs to end. Are you kidding me? 200 armed to the teeth federal agents swoop in on one elderly rancher to make an example of him. But because the Left says they can label him a racist, that makes it okay and vindicates the BLM. What horse crap.

Although I’ve heard numerous pundits and talking heads today who were quick to distance themselves from Bundy, label him a racist and tap dance on the fact that patriots who were there to support him made an error in judgement, I haven’t heard anyone out there screaming the obvious except for Dana Loesche. She has been right on this from the beginning:

A few things. First, to take the quote at face value it’s odd and sounds offensive. You’re talking about government overreach and you go into this story? Secondly, I hope no one is surprised that an old man rancher isn’t media trained to express himself perfectly. He seems to be decrying what big government has done to the black family — which big government has negatively affected not just the black family, but all families regardless of ethnicity — so perhaps he included that in his remarks against big government? I’m just trying to figure out how he even got to the point of discussing it and yes, it’s justified to have a healthy suspicion of the New York Times. I’d be more inclined to believe that the left’s outrage is genuine had it been consistent (to say nothing of Harry Reid). Notice how the NYT immediately went to the politicians involved. If Bundy is a racist, that is awful, but what exactly does that have to do with the BLM? I’ve been saying for weeks that this isn’t about one rancher. It’s about government overreach. It’s about a paramilitarized bureaucratic entity responding to collect a bill in dispute due to arguments over state ownership and open range laws. It’s about a bureaucratic entity bypassing state and local laws — which I discussed with Judge Andrew Napolitano on my program — in court procedures and law enforcement.

Does Cliven Bundy’s remark make Tommy Henderson, Raymond Yowell, Kenni Patton, and other ranchers in Nevada and north Texas racists then because they also have issues with the BLM? So dissent with the BLM is racist like dissent with Obamacare is racist? Again, this isn’t about one person, but the left would love for it to be so. It’s easier to kill a spider by cutting off the head.

Don’t you see what is happening here? If the Left can discredit Bundy, then it makes it okay to go in and do what they want with the land — violence and all. And if the Feds do it there, they will keep on doing it, until eventually each of us will feel their boots on our necks. It will be personal and it will be brutish. They’ve just seized a ranch in New Mexico, taken a home from a couple in Colorado, demanded a pond be removed on private land in Wyoming and the BLM/EPA monster has in its sites 90,000 acres along the Red River on the border of Texas and Oklahoma. Just where does it all end? Instead of fleeing the Bundy situation, Conservatives better double down against the BLM and their fascist Agenda 21 mandate.

Stop letting the Progressive Left dictate the narrative out there. Stop believing them every time they yell ‘racist!’ or some other smear that is handy and kitsch. Stop falling for their Alinsky-style tactics. Just stop it already – Americans have a Constitutional right to their property and their freedoms. None of this has ever been about one man — it’s about one Constitution.


Here is the video – he did say those comments, but I’ll let you decide the context for yourselves. His comments kick in at about the 17 minute mark and are brief. Listen in particular to his comments just before the ones in question. I believe it is a smear. I don’t agree with everything he believes, but I think it is reprehensible that the NYT would twist his words this way:

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War Games As Putin Covets Eastern Ukraine And Beyond
April 23, 2014 – 5:38 pm EST | One Comment

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


Today, US Army paratroopers arrive in Poland. They are the first wave of a contingent of American soldiers dispersed to four nations across Europe to support America’s Eastern European allies from the Russian menace. Only 600 soldiers will initially land, which seems to be merely a token move on Obama’s part.

Approximately 150 soldiers will arrive in Poland. The others will be spread out among Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. All are countries that Russia would love to welcome back into the USSR fold. The US will have to do a lot better than 600 troops as a show of deterrence and I believe Obama knows that. He is playing both sides of the game here and is far from serious about stopping Russia. Anyone foolish enough to believe the faux agreement struck between the US and Russia last week means anything at all, needs to have their head examined. NATO and the US seem to be playing a very dangerous game, but Russia is holding a winning hand and is not put off one bit by this weak show of bravado. I hear that the US may send as many as 10,000 troops to Poland, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. Obama has also authorized the deployment of NATO anti-missile defenses, including the USS Cole, an Aegis-equipped missile warship, near Crimea. Once again, I do not see this as a solid show of strength. It is window dressing. Russia has 40,000 troops on the Ukraine border, so repelling any Russian advance is laughable at this point with what little we have put into play.

Russia, in the mean time, is becoming a bigger and bigger threat. Just a few days ago, two nuclear armed bombers circled the US territory of Guam before being intercepted by our jets. As Bill Gertz says, this was a dry run for a nuclear attack on the United States. It’s the third one by the way:

Russia has also buzzed our Naval ships as well. In an act seen as “provocative,” a Russian Sukhoi-24 fighter jet repeatedly buzzed the USS Donald Cook as low as 500 feet over a 90-minute period on April 12th, as the US warship trolled the Black Sea in international waters near Crimea. Russia is not afraid of us – they are making fun of us and toying with us before the kill.

We are in a classic military trap between Russia and China. One moment, Obama says we must build up our might in Asia… then Russia invades Crimea and Obama says we have to pivot back to Europe. Our troops and military assets are being spread so thin, they can’t win in either theater and Obama knows it. Our strategy appears fickle and indecisive. It screams weakness to our enemies.

While we dither from one side of the planet to the other, China is beefing up their military even more, which I contend is now the largest in the world.

Photographer: STR/AFP via Getty Images — A soldier jumps over a ring of fire during a tactical training mission in Heihe, northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, on March 5, 2014.

President Obama will go on an Asian tour this week, but he won’t even bother with China. Of course, his wife and family just vacationed there, so all must be good. Commies of a feather. China is also daydreaming of taking down the US. Supposedly, Obama is going to try and assure four Asian nations that we will protect them from the threat of a militarized China, while dining on $300 Sushi in Tokyo. How laughable. In reality, Obama is covertly supporting the Chinese and Russians. I’m convinced of it.

Pivoting back to Russia and speaking of laughable… Biden warned Russia to pull back its troops and abide by last week’s international agreement or face the certainty of swift new sanctions. Once again, its an agreement that means nothing and the Russians are still snickering over it, I am sure. Biden is soft in the head and the spine and is nothing more than a bad joke with hair plugs to our enemies. Biden says time is short — well, at least he got that part right, but not for the Russians. And on the US’ comedy tour of Europe, here comes John Kerry — what a buffoon. He is claiming this conflict is much harder than the Cold War. You know, the Cold War that never ended, but shifted. The Cold War where our guys fought and died to free the world of Communism, just so some day (now), Progressives in our own government could hand the world back to the Communists. And you thought time travel was confusing.

While Obama has been disarming the US, Russia and China have been strengthening their military ranks with more soldiers and more weapons. Russia now has the world’s third largest defense budget at 70 billion. I know this will surprise you, but as Obama was coming into power in 2008 and starting his systematic neutering of our military might, Russia started modernizing every weapon and every soldier they had. So did China. All of this started with Obama. Think about that.

We are giving lip service and a token military presence to the Ukraine that will in no way stop the Russian bear. The US has now pledged 25 million in funds to help the Ukraine defend themselves. We have given them packaged food, blankets, sleeping bags, helmets and generators — but not weapons. That should make them a little more comfortable before the Russians charge in and take them to the gulags.

Meanwhile, Russia is growing tired of playing with its food:

DONETSK, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine’s highly publicized goal to recapture police stations and government buildings seized by pro-Russia forces in the east produced little action on the ground Wednesday but ignited foreboding words from Moscow.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned that Russia would mount a firm response if its citizens or interests come under attack in Ukraine. Although he did not specifically say Russia would launch a military attack, his comments bolstered wide concern that Russia could use any violence in eastern Ukraine as a pretext for sending in troops.

Separately, the Russian foreign ministry issued a statement demanding that Ukraine pull its armed forces out of the crisis-ridden region. Russia, meanwhile, has tens of thousands of troops stationed in areas near the Ukrainian border.

As Putin seems to be walking in the footsteps of Hitler and the Jews once again are beginning to fear death camps, one can’t help but see the comparison between the two. Putin is persecuting homosexuals and there are tales of executions. He has always been an uber nationalist, feeling that Russians are superior to others. Although Putin is reminiscent of Hitler pre-1939, it wouldn’t take much to jump that line as history repeats itself over and over. Only this time, the US is no longer in a position to come to the rescue and neither are the Western allies.

The West should be worried:

The head of a think tank associated with Vladimir Putin wrote the following in response to critics who liken the Russian president to Adolf Hitler and what he did so long ago: “One must distinguish between Hitler before 1939 and Hitler after 1939. The thing is that Hitler collected [German] lands. If he had become famous only for uniting without a drop of blood Germany with Austria, Sudetenland and Memel, in fact completing what Bismarck failed to do, and if he had stopped there, then he would have remained a politician of the highest class.”

Migranyan’s comment, published in a Russian newspaper, has received quite a bit of attention, both because of his position and for its chilling content. There is no doubt that Hitler crossed a line in September 1939 when he invaded Poland, finally forcing Britain and France to go to war. (Maybe Migranyan remembers that the Soviet Union also invaded Poland.) Up to then, Hitler had mostly satisfied himself with collecting the lands of German-speaking peoples — Austria, the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia, etc. — although Poland also had a substantial German minority.

If something like this is what Putin has in mind — gathering Russian-speaking people under his rule — then Migranyan seems to be saying: What’s the big deal? What he does not mention, though, is that by 1939 Hitler was already engaged in killing Jews, dissidents, communists, homosexuals and, that year, the mentally and physically feeble. Kristallnacht, a government-sanctioned pogrom, occurred in 1938; the Nuremberg laws, depriving Jews of their civil rights, were promulgated in 1935; and Germany was rapidly re-arming, in violation of its treaty obligations. It was, way before 1939, an outlaw state vigorously engaged in murder.

Putin is a murderous thug. He pretends to be a Christian when it suits him. He relies on useful idiots in the West to muddy the waters for him and give him cover to push forward a global agenda of conquest and power. He is simply evil.

So, tell me again why we are playing at war with Russia? They are even holding one of our journalists hostage and not a peep from Obama. Russia is now war gaming the Ukraine, while the UK just chased off two Russian jets. This is not a game to millions of people and as Putin covets Eastern Ukraine and beyond, a weakened West lays a buffet for Communists to feed on. The question is, who’s next on the menu?

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Watcher’s Council Nominations – The Shot Heard ‘Round The World Edition
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The Watcher’s Council


Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere and the longest running group of its kind in existence. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council. Then we vote on the best posts in each category, with the results appearing on Friday morning.

Council News:

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It’s a great way of exposing your best work to Watcher’s Council readers and Council members, while grabbing the increased traffic and notoriety. And how good is that, eh?

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Is Vladimir Putin the New Reagan?
April 23, 2014 – 9:20 am EST | One Comment

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media


A Special Report from the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism

Pravda, the Russian political newspaper, ran a story with the headline, “The leader of the free world: Obama or Putin?” Patrick J. Buchanan, a veteran conservative commentator who once worked for President Ronald Reagan, has made his choice.

In fact, he argues in his latest column that Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine is comparable to Sam Houston’s “Remember the Alamo” stand for Texas independence. He says, “Compare how Putin brought about the secession and annexation of Crimea, without bloodshed but with popular approval, with how Sam Houston and friends brought about the secession of Texas from Mexico, and its annexation by the United States in 1845.”

Buchanan wants people to believe the founding of Texas and the separation from Mexico is somehow akin to Putin’s brazen attempt to reconstitute the Soviet empire by seizing Crimea. But it seems mighty strange that Buchanan, a critic of illegal immigration from Mexico, would now accuse Americans of using Putin-style tactics to keep Texas free of Mexican control.

Crimea was an assault, using masked men without Russian military insignia, in order to lay the groundwork for a quickie election whose result was guaranteed in advance. This hardly constitutes “popular approval.”

NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, General Philip M. Breedlove, writes in his article, “The Importance of Identity,” that “Many media outlets have reported claims that these troops are ‘local militias’ who are wearing Russian-style fatigues because such attire is available in army shops across the former Soviet Union. Other outlets are repeating an assertion that armed men deployed to Ukraine’s Crimea region are simply ‘self-defense forces.’” The general proceeds to debunk these reports, noting evidence that the Russian military forces are “acting on clear orders to undermine Ukraine forces in Crimea.”

In another article, “Who Are the Men Behind the Masks?,” he writes that “It’s hard to fathom that groups of armed men in masks suddenly sprang forward from the population in eastern Ukraine and systematically began to occupy government facilities. It’s hard to fathom because it’s simply not true. What is happening in eastern Ukraine is a military operation that is well planned and organized and we assess that it is being carried out at the direction of Russia.”

Buchanan fought with Reagan in the 1980s to expose Soviet disinformation and propaganda. Now he accepts Russian disinformation and propaganda.

How on earth can Putin’s illegal power grab in Ukraine, rubber-stamped by a Putin-controlled Russian legislature, compare with a deliberate process that involved a popular vote for a state constitution for Texas, accepted and ratified by the United States Congress?

Lies and More Lies

On top of the false analogies, Buchanan conveniently ignores the 1994 Budapest memorandum, signed by the Russian government, which guaranteed Ukraine’s territorial integrity, in exchange for giving its Soviet nuclear weapons back to Moscow.

Buchanan, in the same column, mocks the work of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a federally-funded group that tries to promote democracy abroad. But there can be no doubt that people around the world, including in Ukraine and Venezuela, can use all the help they can get from the U.S. in organizing against Marxist and authoritarian regimes. The NED basically funds civil society groups and independent media organizations.

Buchanan begins by quoting his former boss President Ronald Reagan’s comments on the Soviet “Evil Empire,” and then spends the rest of his column conspicuously failing to explain how Putin, who worked for that empire, has given up his communist ways.

This bizarre column follows another, in which the veteran conservative commentator insisted that God is on Putin’s side in the global struggle.

It is difficult to understand how Buchanan has come to embrace Putin, except as a reaction to his own loss of faith in the United States. It seems that, for Buchanan, America has become the new “Evil Empire,” something the far-left has been arguing for years, and that Putin is the savior of Christian civilization.

The biggest false assumption in this rationale is that Putin’s recent conservative rhetoric on family values is legitimate, and not propaganda and disinformation.

Yet, as analyst J.R. Nyquist points out, Putin was asked about this topic by Larry King on CNN in 2000. At the time, the Russian president rejected traditional religious belief, except to say he did have a cross and had worn it. King asked, “Do you believe there is a higher power?” Putin replied (through a translator): “I believe in human beings. I believe in his good intentions. I believe in the fact that all of us have come to this world to do good. And if we do so, and if we do so together, then success is awaiting for us. And both with regards to our relations as people to people, or inter-state relations. And most important, we will achieve the ultimate goal, comfort in our own heart.”

So Putin believes in man, rather than God. This doesn’t even qualify as Russian Orthodox Christianity, long dominated by the KGB/FSB in Russia and now advertised as the state church in Russia.

For Putin, going to church and wearing crosses—even his visit to the Vatican—is part of a show. It is sad to see Pope Francis apparently falling for it, too.

As part of the ongoing propaganda show, it has been reported by Pravda that members of Putin’s United Russia party are proposing to put former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev on trial for the collapse of the USSR. While this indicates the real intentions of Putin and his cohorts, in terms of rebuilding the old Soviet Union, the idea that the ideology of world communism ever died should be addressed.

It was Gorbachev, even while promoting the policy of “perestroika,” or the restructuring of the Soviet state, who declared, “We are moving toward a new world order, the world of communism. We shall never turn off that road.”

Robert Buchar, who wrote the book, And Reality Be Damned, and produced the documentary “The Collapse of Communism: The Untold Story,” says the Russians have had a long-term strategy of “Perestroika” deception—how to fool the West and end the Cold War under Moscow’s terms. “The West was unable to develop any counter-strategy because they refused to believe Moscow had this long-range strategy,” he says.

A political refugee from former Czechoslovakia, Buchar is not optimistic, telling this columnist, “Putin will get the Ukraine back and the West is not going to stop it.”

If this does indeed happen, it will be because Americans conservatives and libertarians like Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul, and others like them in the World Congress of Families, fall in line behind Putin.

Buchanan goes beyond the Marxist materialism and New Age humanist rhetoric of the former KGB spy on the Larry King show to actually endorse Putin’s military aggression against his neighbors.

Buchanan compares “the Russians who are taking over city centers” in eastern Ukraine, on orders from Moscow, to the Maidan Square demonstrators in Kiev, who forced a Kremlin puppet to flee, and the dozens of spontaneous demonstrations around Ukraine, which knocked down dozens of Lenin statues.

This false equivalence betrays the Reagan legacy, which always recognized the need for justice for Ukraine and other former Soviet republics, but also for those suffering under the communist/KGB comrades in Russia as well.

The Reagan Record

Buchanan, who now argues for less, not more, U.S. military engagement around the world, listed in another column, “What would Reagan do?,” several examples of Reagan intervening against dictators and despots.

For example, he discussed U.S. military involvement in the Middle East, noting, “When Gadhafi blew up a Berlin discotheque full of U.S. soldiers in retaliation for the Sixth Fleet’s downing of two Libyan warplanes, Reagan sent F-111s in a reprisal raid that almost killed Gadhafi.”

But then he adds, “On the last day of his presidency, he told aides the worst mistake he made was putting U.S. Marines into Lebanon, where 241 Americans perished in the terror bombing of the Beirut barracks.”

But Reagan made an even bigger mistake by not retaliating against the perpetrators of that bombing—the Iranians and their agents.

Buchanan doesn’t mention the Iranian connection, probably because he now opposes any kind of U.S. military action against the regime over its current nuclear weapons program. Buchanan claims, “The Ayatollah has declared a fatwa against nuclear weapons,” a statement repeated by President Obama that has no basis in fact, and which is in all likelihood a form of disinformation, taught to the Iranians by their Russian patrons.

Admiral James “Ace” Lyons was Deputy Chief of Naval Operations at the time of the Beirut bombing and says the Iranian connection was established by none other than the National Security Agency (NSA). The U.S. was prepared, he said, to take out the Iranian agents in a group known as the Islamic Amal, the forerunner to Hezbollah, but Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger vetoed the mission. “We never got the orders to strike,” Lyons said. “And of course, what was the message? The message became Osama bin Laden’s rallying cry: ‘The Americans can’t suffer casualties. They will cut and run.’”

So this was one of Reagan’s failures and missed opportunities, which Lyons notes could have changed the course of history.

Attempting a rewrite of the Reagan years, Buchanan argued in his column that Reagan “never threatened military intervention in Eastern Europe, as some bellicose Republicans do today.” In fact, Reagan did more than that, threatening to deploy nuclear weapons against the Soviets in Europe. That was a major battle of the 1980s.

Buchanan later admits this, writing, “When the Soviets deployed triple-warhead intermediate-range missiles in Eastern Europe, the SS-20, Reagan countered with nuclear-armed Pershing II and cruise missiles in Western Europe. Only when Gorbachev agreed to take down all the SS-20s, did Reagan agree to bring the Pershings and cruise missiles home.”

So Reagan was indeed “bellicose,” after all. And he won.

The Reagan Doctrine

Buchanan also notes that Reagan “provided weapons to anti-Communist guerrillas and freedom fighters in Afghanistan, Angola and Nicaragua to bleed and break the Soviet Empire at its periphery and make them pay the same price we paid in Vietnam.”

Buchanan’s critical error is thinking that the “Reagan Doctrine” policy of supporting anti-communist freedom fighters could be separated from his challenge of Soviet military power in Europe, where direct military assistance to anti-communist resistance movements was not practical at that time. What was needed in Europe, and which Reagan provided, was the political will to challenge the Soviet Union.

Buchanan has lost the will to resist. Reagan lost it only once, in response to the Beirut bombing, and we have been paying the price.

Reagan’s support for freedom fighters in Latin America and Africa, and his challenge to Soviet military power in Europe, clearly means in the current context that he would not turn his back on anti-communist regimes once they had come to power, such as in Ukraine. Reagan would not have excused Putin’s power grab in Crimea.

“Reagan was an anti-Communist to his core, having fought them in the Screen Actors Guild in the 1940s,” Buchanan notes. That is why Reagan, after exposing and challenging the Evil Empire, would have been supporting the former communist regimes seeking, with American help, their freedom and independence from the Soviet Union/Russia. If the NED is not the proper vehicle for this assistance, then let’s use the CIA. But why turn our backs on the freedom-loving peoples of Eastern Europe and rationalize the aggression of their oppressors, still wielding power in Moscow?

This thinking is not the Pat Buchanan I admired during the 1980s, when he was Reagan’s communications director.

Who Are the Neocons?

“The Gipper was no neocon,” Buchanan writes, using a term of derision that some critics of U.S. foreign policy apply to those acting on behalf of the interests of other countries, most notably Israel, rather than the United States.

But Reagan was in fact a “neocon,” if the term simply means spreading U.S.-style democracy, in the sense that he used the full military force and power of the United States against the communist challenge.

That challenge still exists in the form of Vladimir Putin, who, as veteran journalist Bill Gertz has remarked, dropped the Marxist component of Marxism-Leninism, in order to attract Western capital, but still pursues the Leninist dream of a world dominated by the KGB.

Putin may not call himself a communist, and he may wear a Christian cross and even go to church. But that is clearly part of the deception that Reagan never would have fallen for and which Buchanan has tragically, in his later years, embraced.

If there is a critique to be made, it is that U.S. efforts to promote democracy in Latin America were largely abandoned during the George W. Bush years, in favor of a campaign after 9/11 to focus on transforming the Middle East. The result is that Iraq, after liberation by U.S. military forces, has become a client state of Iran, and Obama’s embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood threw a longtime U.S. ally, Egypt, into turmoil and even into the hands of Putin and Moscow.

Many of Reagan’s gains have been reversed. On April 18, Grenada’s Prime Minister Keith Mitchell “extolled his country’s historical collaboration links with Cuba during a reception on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of bilateral relations,” as noted by communist Cuba’s publication Prensa Latina.

It was a Cuban-backed cabal in Grenada which Reagan had ordered overthrown in 1983, using U.S. military forces.

The countries of Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Ecuador, in addition to Russia, were publicly thanked by NSA traitor Edward Snowden for offering him asylum, as he fled the U.S.

In El Salvador, which Reagan had supported against a growing communist insurgency, a communist named Salvador Sánchez Cerén has just won the presidential election.

With NSA help in monitoring communist communications, as noted by The Washington Post, Colombia largely defeated its terrorists, after 40 years of war. But its current president, Juan Manuel Santos, is negotiating “peace” with the remaining terrorists under the auspices of Cuba, in a deal that may give the far-left a road to political power through elections.

Former President Alvaro Uribe, author of No Lost Causes, has said negotiating with the terrorists is like negotiating with al-Qaeda.

The American Foreign Policy Council argues, “The decline of U.S. influence in Latin America has presented strategic opportunities for external actors, including China, Iran, and Russia. This foreign influence, in turn, has nurtured anti-American sentiment among the countries of the region, and exposed new threats to U.S. security, from proliferation to the spread of Islamic radicalism to political processes that can dramatically reshape allied governments.”

The Venezuelan regime alone has purchased $5 billion of weapons from Russia.

In Africa, the communists got the ultimate prize—South Africa—as Nelson Mandela consolidated power while deceiving the world about his secret membership in the Communist Party. Mandela’s successors have all been communists, with the latest, Jacob Zuma, having made a minerals deal with Vladimir Putin. Indeed, Russia and South Africa have become strategic partners in the BRICS group, referring to Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Like Germany, Brazil has been much in the news as a “target” of NSA surveillance. But there is just as good a reason to keep Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, a former communist terrorist, under surveillance, as there is Angela Merkel, who concealed her role growing up in East Germany as an ideologist for a communist youth group.

The Snowden Operation

Writing in the Los Angeles Review of Books from a left-wing perspective, Adam Morris notes that, while Brazil “has not formally offered asylum [to Snowden], senators from both the ruling party and the opposition have campaigned on his behalf. Nor has Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff ruled out granting asylum, cautiously observing that Snowden has not yet requested her country’s aid.” Brazil is where Snowden accomplice Glenn Greenwald is usually based.

Greenwald’s recent receipt of a Pulitzer Prize from Columbia University demonstrates how disinformation and propaganda against the NSA have now become worthy of the highest journalism awards in the nation. This unprecedented development dramatizes the inability of the U.S. media, even by some on the conservative side, to understand what is happening right in front of our eyes.

Greenwald asks, “Is Angela Merkel a terrorist?,” attempting to ridicule surveillance of the German leader. Of course, historically, the NSA has been used to monitor espionage against the United States, as revealed by the Venona counter-intelligence project cracking the codes between Moscow and its agents in the U.S. during and after World War II.

Unmasking foreign agents goes hand-in-hand with exposing the “active measures” operations that have been unleashed, and which may have even enlisted Pat Buchanan as a media conduit for Russian propaganda.

Ironically, however, Buchanan had seen through Snowden, while not seeing through Putin. Snowden “broke his contract, he violated his oath, he betrayed American secrets and I think he damaged the security of the United States,” Buchanan said during a TV appearance. “I think he ought to be prosecuted.” This was the anti-communist Pat Buchanan talking. He went on to refer to the employees of the NSA as mostly patriots.

But once Putin gave Snowden asylum, Buchanan decided it really wasn’t worth a new Cold War and that the NSA was a sinister agency. Now, Buchanan proclaimed, Snowden’s computers “were full of secrets that our National Security Agency has been thieving from every country on earth, including Russia.”

It would seem that telling Putin how the NSA has been eavesdropping on Russian communications was not so heinous after all. Instead, sounding like the left-wing supporters of Snowden, Buchanan was prepared to make the NSA out to be the villain.

The about-face was another indication that Buchanan has become a slavish devotee of all things Putin. For Buchanan, Putin is the new Reagan.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at View the complete archives from Cliff Kincaid.

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