All In The Communist Family

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Hat Tip: Dick Manasseri


Leave it to the Communist Party USA to ride to the Marxist rescue for the November elections. They are intent on keeping the Senate in the hands of Progressives and fighting back hordes of Tea Party, right wing extremists. But as vampires shun the Cross, Commies fear the Constitution and freedom and they are about to get the subject lesson of their red lives.

Last Wednesday, Sam Webb, Chairman of the CPUSA, laid out plans that were announced in a web seminar entitled: “Taking care of the future: from here to socialism.” Here is the announcement:

Out of the shadows, into the light… Communists are no longer leery of coming out in the open and stating their intentions. Why should they be? According to Obama and company, we are all Communists now.

Webb elaborated on the point that there is no direct path to socialism… to get to their destination they would have to endure a number of stages. He pointed out that it would be necessary to work with other leftist groups that shared common issues with CPUSA. This is a tried and true tactic that has, so far, been working:

“We can talk about shortening the work week, green jobs, restructuring the economy, we can talk about the de-militarization of the economy and putting those people back to work in jobs that are productive,” Webb said. “The starting point has to be this immediate engagement, but once we do that many things become possible such as more radical demands.”

Yes, kiddies… there are far more radical plans afoot and on the agenda if these people get their way. The reason many on the left are angry with Obama, is that he has not been radical enough. Webb does admit though, that through the actions of our current President, Communism is far more accepted now. It has become palatable to Americans:

“The good news is the same hang-ups or stereotypes that people had 30 to 40 years ago are not so evident today,” he said. “Growing numbers of people are ready to have a conversation about socialism. There have been public opinion polls that indicate that substantial numbers have more confidence in socialism than capitalism.”

“We have to let people know what our vision is. The climate in the country is different. We can have a different conversation than we could have 30 to 40 years ago, even 20 years ago. Socialism is no longer a white-hot word, people are willing to talk about it.”

Webb is calling for more organization, more militancy on the left:

Webb said it was vital for left-wing individuals to be part of a “bigger and better Communist Party and a bigger and better left in general,” noting that the CPUSA had a major part in helping FDR with his New Deal policies.

“The New Deal came about for a lot of reasons, but I would argue that one of the main reasons was that in that same period we saw the growth of the Communist Party and the left in general,” Webb explained. “The Communist Party and the left in general contributed mightily to the process of first building of a transformative movement and then helping secure these changes, this New Deal.”

He said progressives need to have a bigger left in order to prevent the tea party movement from advancing its agenda.

Setting out the party’s goals, he said the CPUSA could not bring about socialism on its own but needed the help of other left-wing groups it was helping to unify.

Obama and the Communists are behind the gutting of our military and the weakening of America. CPUSA has Obama’s back and it is our job as patriots to make sure they fail. Congressional candidate Marielena Stuart has stated that “Socialism is phase one of Communism.” She is right… in the end you wind up with Communism. All these Progressives know it and that is what they want.

Our country is now rife with Communists. Yep… I said it and it is true. I can hear those proclaiming that I see a red under every bed. No. I see reds in political offices across the United States; I see them in our media; I seem them in our educational institutions; and I see them in every position of power they have been able to worm their way into. What is happening in America today is the result of this.

All you have to do is read the headlines as well. Obama isn’t bashful. His actions speak far more truthfully of his intentions than do his words. Did you know we are going to spend $3 Million for a ‘Greater Understanding’ between Russia and the United States? If a true Conservative Constitutionalist was President, we could save that money and simply stand on the premise of ‘Peace Through Strength.’ It worked for Reagan and he recognized Russia for what they were. An evil empire of Communists led by a tyrannical, thuggish few. We don’t need a better understanding between us – we already share similar leaders. Perhaps Obama wants Putin as his mentor in mass murder. Good teachers are so hard to find these days.

Venezuela is on the brink of falling into full blown civil war over economic collapse and the policies of their new Communist leader. Of course, since Obama did away with the Monroe Doctrine, we don’t have to do anything to help. I mean, it’s a fellow dictator and Obama doesn’t want to crap in his palace. They expelled three of our diplomats today and that is just fine with our leaders evidently. The government will slaughter the innocent who are begging the US for help. But their cries will fall on deaf ears. Now, if they were Islamic, he might think about it. But probably not… tyrannical dictators of a feather and all that. Cuba has also shut down US travel visas. Perhaps they know something we don’t. Whispers have it that the Cubans have their thugs helping out in Venezuela. Never let a fellow Commie down.

If I am not mistaken, all the countries in Central or South America now are either led by ruthless dictators or Communists. Not to mention the infiltration of radical Islamists training there and the cartels who get to do whatever the hell they want. But Obama, like a good Communist, will open the borders and welcome them on in. He wants chaos and violence in the streets and it is coming.

So, while we give the green light to Iran to build nukes to their evil heart’s content and Obama jets off to play golf while his wife skis… Soros is betting on our market crashing and food prices are soaring out of sight. So many things are coming together just as we have predicted. It is time to hunker down and prepare – brace yourselves.

It seems every day we are treated to a new, painful episode of All In The Communist Family with Obama and his cohorts. They say and do outrageous things and the media backs them constantly. But more and more are standing up. Progressives on the left and right are going to get a visit to the woodshed in November. America has just about had enough.


Learn about the Progressive/Marxist/Communist threat. You can start by listening to my friend and colleague, Trevor Loudon:

You can join us in the fight of our lives and clean House and Senate come the next election. Visit to view research on Progressives in every state and many organizations as well. Trevor and a number of us have dedicated our lives to doing this work and we have only just begun. Then you can go over to Pacific Freedom Foundation and buy Trevor’s books. In his latest book, he exposes the enemies within Congress, their history and actions. This is what we are fighting against and it is a battle we must win to save the Republic.


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5 thoughts on “All In The Communist Family

  1. Obama’s Cheerleaders include the Communist Party USA on the one side, and the RINOs who want the IRS to go after the Tea Party on the other.

    Focus on the first RINO battle May 20th, Kentucky: Matt Bevin must be supported nationally to beat the head RINO – Ditch Mitch!

    Keep the momentum going throughout the Primaries. We are smart enough to focus on the winnable strategic races, to recruit national support and to pick-off the vulnerable RINOs. The Cruz Coalition will help us focus on the winnable battles. Gear Up!

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