RINO Hardball – Double-Barrel Shotgun Needed this Week!

By: Dick Manasseri

RINO Hardball – Double-Barrel Shotgun Needed this Week!
All Together Now — Ready-Aim-Fire!


Now That’s All in the Family
How Can We Tolerate RINO Collaborators
Who Choose Elite Status over the Constitution & Our Freedom?

Kentucky – May 20th

Mega-RINO Mitch McConnell

US Senate

Kansas – August 5th

RINO Pat Roberts

Fight back against recent Alinsky-type hardball ambushes by the GOP Establishment and pull the trigger in unison for two outstanding Constitutionalists:

Matt Bevin — Kentucky

Dr. Milton Wolf — Kansas

Take the same concentrated action this week and fire both barrels to make sure our shots for freedom hit the bullseye and actually take down dangerous RINOs, McConnell & Roberts.

Barrel #1 – McConnell
It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, It’s

Senate Conservative Fund AD: Bevin over Bully McConnell
Madison Project AD: It’s Debt Man
FreedomWorks:McConnell makes Obama a king

Barrel #2 – Roberts
Just Plain Out-of-Touch

Senate Conservative Fund AD: Wolf over the Lonely Kansas Recliner
Madison Project: Out-of-Touch with Kansas
Mark Levin: “[Wolf’s] a solid conservative, not just in this election, but before this election which means After this election.”

Watch this space for the next RINO Hunt Call-to-Concerted-Action!

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  1. informative and entertaining … right length to impart news in a snapshot-plus … level the barrels — John R.

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