The New Populism — Fight Back, Go Forward — Right Off A Cliff

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

The Progressive/Communist movement in the United States is doubling down in their efforts to catapult America into full-blown Marxism, led by such luminaries as these at The New Populism Conference:

The names read like a who’s who of the Progressive Leftist movement and they have big, big money supporting them, along with the likes of George Soros.

The New Populism Conference took place on May 22nd. The conference was organized by the Campaign for America’s Future and was supported by the Communications Workers of America (CWA).

The conference employed the same tired Marxist rhetoric that the majority of us have been “shafted,” “the rules are rigged” and the “oligarchs” are smoothing the path to a complete take-over. Really? You have been spouting this drivel against Conservatives for decades, when in fact, the Left is the moving force behind all of your allegations. You constantly utilize the meme of blaming anyone and everyone else for the things you are guilty of purporting. These are classic Alinsky tactics.

Your divisive politics never end… pitting poor against the wealthy, young against the old, black against white, in an effort to gin the masses into chaotic upheaval to further your agenda of “change” at any cost. Capitalism, in your warped view, will be defeated by unrest and a new Communist society will be born that benefits those who ‘deserve it.’

You use the convenient lie touting conspiracy theories to turn people against one another, very much in the manner that Lucifer is so well known for. Much of the wealth and power you rail against is the very same force that is behind the Democrat Party, the CPUSA, the DSA, People’s World and every other Socialist/Communist/Progressive group out there.

The unions you so proudly promote are no longer the protectors of the working class. They herd people into a controllable collective, rob them blind in enforced dues and no longer ensure that wages are fair and benefits are available. They are more into ensuring a level playing field that provides poverty and oppression for all, while guaranteeing success and opulence for a guaranteed few. It’s the Communist way.

Speakers also hid behind a faux religious facade, meant to entice the faithful into their Marxist theology. They used slick phrasing meant to proclaim kindness and equality, while in reality it promotes violence, upheaval and slavery.

The crux of the conference was wealth redistribution and government control. Education and employment for all were parroted throughout the event, all the while the speakers knew full well that in the end the masses under their control will have neither. Only under their watchful implementation of Agenda 21 and Common Core will the masses be allowed to move forward into a hellish future foreseen by many and desired by the elite few. With elections rigged to the point of being a futile exercise and the importation of millions of illegal immigrants, power for the Left can be ensured indefinitely. Using global warming as a strident call to doom, money can be made to make the wealthy Marxist, much wealthier while keeping the common man, well… common.

Behold The New Populism:

The New Populism arises from the stark truth about today’s America: Too few people control too much money and power, and they’re using that control to rig the rules to protect and extend their privileges.

This economy does not work for working people. This isn’t an accident. It isn’t an act of God. It isn’t due to forces of technology and globalization that can’t be changed. It isn’t a mistake. It is a power grab.

Decades of deregulation and top-end tax cuts, of soaring CEO pay and assaults on unions, of conservative myths and market fundamentalism have recreated Gilded Age extremes of wealth and power. Once more a new American plutocracy is emerging, doing what plutocrats always do – corrupting government to protect and expand their fortunes.

Notice how they blame everything they have wrought in the last eight years alone on Conservatives? The mess we are in is not from too much capitalism and freedom, but too little. It is brought on by too much regulation and government, not too little.

This is the Occupy movement — this is Marxism. If you think the Progressives have paused or doubted their agenda, as disastrous as it has been, think again:

Washington is gridlocked by Republican obstruction, so people are driving reforms from the bottom up. The minimum wage is being hiked from Hawaii to Maryland to Seattle, where it is headed to $15 an hour. Californians voted to tax the rich to invest in schools. Cleveland uses government procurement to support locally based, worker-owned cooperatives. Over a hundred cities have joined the call for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Pundits suggest that Republicans have the advantage in the low-turnout 2014 elections, with the Democratic base discouraged by the lousy economy. Elites in both parties warn against a new populism, as if the old politics held any answers for people.

But this isn’t about one election or one leader. The pressure for change is only beginning. People are waking up to the fact that the game is rigged. They won’t tolerate it for long. It will take muckraking, organizing, teaching, protests and demonstrations, new ideas and new allies. It will face fierce resistance. The wealthy and entrenched interests will spend lavishly to defend their privileges. Our system is designed to clog change, not facilitate it.

But when the people speak, politicians listen. And this new populist movement has only just begun. The stakes are fundamental – whether the democracy can in fact check the power of great wealth and entrenched interests. This is the challenge facing our democracy and for each one of us privileged to be its citizens.

These evil individuals put forked tongued demons to shame. They twist and entrap with their words and ideas, using religion as a honey trap and luring those who feel they have been slighted or wronged into proactive resistance against those who have more (because they earned it I might add). This is the Left… this is what we have leading us… Beware The New Populism being dangled in front of Americans as their saving grace, it is anything but and will lead to a new Dark Age. Fight back, go forward indeed… right off a cliff and onto the rocks. If I were writing a book on how to destroy America, this is exactly how I would do it. With the politics of division and the temptation of greed and equality. Justice in a death shroud.


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