March Ratney’s dad hates the police, too

March Ratney Sr FB_4

March Ratney was wearing his “Black Lives Matter” tee shirt when he “fired more than a dozen shots” into the home and police vehicle of an off-duty Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer on Tuesday. Ratney was only released on June 6 after serving “about six years of a 12-year sentence for being a serious violent felon in possession of a firearm.”

The officer’s wife and child were sleeping at the time, as reported at a must-read article at Indystar.

Ratney, fresh out of prison, has not changed much since 2010 when he reportedly referred to police officers as “pigs,” and to one officer as a “cracker,” and “threatened to go to the officers’ homes and kill their families” after “neighborhood residents told police he was riding a bike and firing a gun…”

On Facebook, March Ratney introduces himself by saying:

“well there’s two sides to me I can be the nicest person in the world but piss me off an u will see”

Does Ratney’s father matter?

Based on March Ratney Sr.’s Facebook posts, it is clear that his progressive-fueled anti-American sentiment runs deep. Ratney regularly shares memes and videos expressing great hatred toward Christians, America, white Americans and police officers from radical left-wing Facebook pages such as The Other 98% and Occupy Democrats.

Here is a sample of Mr. Ratney’s posts from the past three days alone:

March Ratney Sr FB

March Ratney Sr FB_1

March Ratney Sr FB_2

March Ratney Sr FB_3

March Ratney Sr FB_4

March Ratney Sr FB_5

March Ratney likely inherited a great distrust for America and her institutions from his father; perhaps compounded by radical left teachers and community organizers who have infiltrated those institutions through American universities. These left-wing viewpoints, however, are sadly based on false premises (e.g., black Americans are deliberately being targeted by racist police officers) and fueled by cherry-picked history about slavery and the founding fathers’ intent.

But of course March Ratney, Sr. is certainly not the one who shot into a police officer’s home while his wife and child were sleeping inside. March Ratney, Jr. did that.

What will he do next time he is released? And do the viewpoints of Ratney’s father even matter?


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