3 thoughts on “Ron Paul Hearing on Restoring Sound Money

  1. Sound money, and a nuclear-armed Iran. What a deal.

    I used to be sold on Ron Paul; his economic ideas sound good. But I started looking closer at the man when I found out about his neo-Nazi ties, as documented by talk radio host Michael Medved, and by Andrew Walden of the American Thinker.

    Looking closer, one finds that Paul is supported by the anti-war movement, the marijuana legalization movement, and the ‘truther’ movement… he’s even appeared on Alex Jones films about 9-11 conspiracy theories. In Congress, he pals around with Dennis Kucinich the crypto-communist.

    Abolishing the Fed sounds like a good thing, at first. But why did William Pierce, founder of the white supremacist National Alliance party, call for it’s abolishment in the 1950’s? Furthermore, given Paul’s white supremacist ties, how can I know that Ron Paul’s motive for abolishing the Fed is different from William Pierce’s?

  2. Ron Paul does the people no favors by giving interviews to Russia Today. And I am skeptical of Paul’s “talk to our enemies” platform; that it is nothing more than the same old Hegelian-Dialectic consensus process that is trespassing borders and boundaries from the sovereign national level on down to the individual level at breakneck speed. Marx and Engels summed up the Communist manifesto as the abolition of private property: the goal of the consensus process is ultimately to remove all protections between the people and the state. Ron Paul does not elaborate on what he means by going into dialogue with our enemies. How about some clarification? I have also replied to Campaign for Liberty emails and received failed delivery “address does not exist” messages. Paul and his supporters may want to quit behaving like a Soviet themselves!

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