Rep. Rosa DeLauro: Still Hangin’ With the Connecticut Communists

Rosa DeLauro

I have written previously of Rep. Rosa DeLauros’s close ties to the Connecticut Communist Party.

Rosa DeLauro is one of Congress’ highest ranking Democrats. She is particularly close to another long time friend of communist causes, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. It appears that one the Democratic Party’s most influential legislators, Rep. DeLauro, still thinks it is appropriate to work closely with Marxist-Leninists. Rep. DeLauro is very close to Connecticut Communist Party leader Joelle Fishman, the daughter-in-law of late Soviet spy and Communist Party USA activist Victor Perlo.

Joelle Fishman also heads the Communist Party’s Political Action Commission, the Party body charged with pushing the Communist agenda through the Democratic Party. As DeLauro has been in charge of appointing Democratic Congressmembers to various Congressional Committees, she has been in a position to move the Communist Party’s many friends in Congress onto Committees that best serve the communist’s  goals.

Rosa DeLauro, Joelle Fishman, August 2010

Has Joelle Fishman ever tried to influence her friend Rep. DeLauro in these decisions? Perhaps some brave journalist should put the question to Rosa  DeLauro?

Rep. DeLauro’s latest public brush with the Connecticut Communist Party occurred only a few weeks ago. On August 8, 2011, Connecticut AFL-CIO, (which is led by Communist Party sympathizer John Olsen) faith-based groups, community leaders and organizations in the We Are One coalition, coordinated a roundtable discussion Monday with DeLauro, of New Haven, at the Second Star of Jacob church on Chapel Street.

The event was covered by Joelle Fishman in the Peoples World.

Inez Bell, far left, Alexandra Ferreira, third from left, Rosa DeLauro, third from right

Besides DeLauro, Panelists included Citizen Action activist Alexandra Ferreira and Inez Bell, a recent high school graduate, who the article did not state is active with the Young Communist League.

In this video from the event, DeLauro is clearly heard referring to an earlier meeting with “Joelle,” almost certainly a reference to Joelle Fishman.

That one of Congress’ most powerful Democrats should be on such close terms with one of America’s most influential communists should not be surprising.

Many members of Congress have close ties to the Communist Party.

Rosa DeLauro is simply a little more blatant than most…


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19 thoughts on “Rep. Rosa DeLauro: Still Hangin’ With the Connecticut Communists

  1. At least Bernie Sanders is upfront about calling himself a “socialist” while caucusing with the demorats, unlike De Lauro and the rest of the DC crowd of suspects.

  2. As noted in The Obama Timeline,

    De Lauro is married to Democrat strategist and former Clinton advisor Stanley Greenberg. Greenberg is reportedly working with Israeli strategists (who were behind left-wing leader Ehud Barak’s successful race for prime minister in 1999) to drive Binyamin Netanyahu from office so that he can be replaced with a leftist politician who will be more likely to “cooperate” with Obama.

    Former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel once lived rent-free in the basement of the Greenberg-DeLauro home, which was not zoned as a multiple-family dwelling. Emanuel also once served as chairman of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, which paid Greenberg $239,996 in 2006 and $317,775 in 2008.

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