4 thoughts on “Hitler Discovers ATTACKWATCH is a Joke!

  1. Great laughs and showing them for the Nazis they are is bang on brilliant!
    Back in the late 80s when tanks of the USSR came rolling across TV screens of the evening news in American it showed the commies crushing a UNION dock WORKERS STRIKE in captive Poland! Finally even SUSAN SONTAG, that darling champion of lesbianism, writer and Progressive-THINKER, jumped to her feet and pulling out her hair by the roots, screamed at her TV screen, “Now at last I see that Communism IS Fascism! It is it’s most successful VARIANT!”
    Not long after, the much disturbed world of Socialist-Progressive-Commies in New York City called a big meeting in the famous Town Hall inviting Ms Sontag to speak to the troublesome event. Sontag, who was impressed by her own out burst there in her living room got up and in her wisdom repeated the epiphany. Surprise! She was booed off the stage.
    Many years ago at a University of California institutions on the Left coast, I studied with Eric Hoffer, the great San Francisco, Union dock worker-philosopher and author of the TRUE BELIEVER. He told me, “There are two things commies will not tolerate: First, is if you do not take them for serious thinkers and Second, you must NEVER laugh at them!” Why? Rule #4 of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is, “Man’s most potent weapon is ridicule.”

  2. This is without doubt the most outstanding commentary I have ever watched on the truth of the Obama Whitehouse. I laughed uproariously, yet, the truth of it certainly hit home. Exceedingly well done. Thanks for standing up and fighting back.
    Pass it on.

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