1 thought on “Shocking Audio: New Black Panthers Chairman Shabazz Building an Army Of Blacks ‘To Kill’

  1. These black racist morons keep pushing. Someday they might get what they’re asking for but I have a feeling it won’t be something they’re counting on.

    People are getting tired of their one demensional view of racism. To them, the murder, rape, and maiming of an elderly white couple in Oklahoma is not worthy of mention. No visits from the Sharptons and Jacksons and no beer summits being called for by the Bolshevik in Chief.

    No, when a black kills a white, he is just expressing himself. But, when a white kills a black, then it’s racism.

    The real racists here are people like this Black Panther tool who is advocating the killing of whites. What does he think the rest of us are going to do when he starts his little war? Does he think we’re just going to stand by and let him run amok spreading his carnage? Because if that’s what he thinks he’s even dumber than he sounds and he sounds pretty dumb.

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