Democratic Socialists of America Grows Like a Slow Tumor

The US’s largest Marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America continues to grow like a cancerous tumor on the American body politic.

DSA has just finished a complete count of their membership in order to apportion the number of delegates to their National Convention in November. The numbers show a 10% increase in membership since the apportionment for their 2009 convention and a 60% increase since the 2003 convention.

The 10% increase is particularly satisfying since the increase from the 2007 convention to the 2009 convention was just 1.5%. The latest numbers confirm our judgment that we are continuing the major membership jump that we experienced between 2003 and 2007. The number of members in local DSA groups also increased significantly from 39% to 47.5%. The membership count for July 2011 is 6478 as opposed to 5890 in July of 2009.

We attribute our continued growth to the fact that most poor, working and middle class people have experienced stagnant incomes in the last decade and income inequality has grown. In response to the recession DSA members have engaged in much more activism in recent years; DSA, and the socialist idea, have also enjoyed increased visibility because of the continuous right-wing attacks on us as well as the false attacks describing President Obama as a socialist.

DSAers lying to protect an important ally

For a rundown on President Obama’s extensive ties to DSA go here.

While just under 6,500 may not seem a huge number in a country of over 300 million, it is important to remember that DSA is not a normal political party, but more of a political ‘mafia’ or secret society. It exerts its influence, not under its own name, but by infiltrating and manipulating other organizations.

DSA has hundreds of members and supporters in key academic and media positions. It has influence in Hollywood and the churches.

DSA dominates the AFL-CIO and America’s two most powerful unions AFSCME and SEIU. It controls, or influences dozens of mass organizations from Jobs with Justice, Coalition of Labor Union Women, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, National Jobs For All Coalition and the Apollo Alliance to the Gray Panthers.

DSA has thousands of members in the Democratic Party, virtually running the party in states like Michigan and Massachusetts.

DSA helped establish the now more than 80 strong Congressional Progressive Caucus.

It has dozens of members or allies currently serving in Congress and the Senate – including John Conyers, Jerry Nadler, Bob Filner, Jan Schakowsky, Danny Davis, John Lewis, Eleanor Holmes Norton and Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders with Detroit DSA, 2005

Many cancer sufferers don’t even realize they have a tumor until its too late.

Americans need to wake up to the fact that DSA is working hard to destroy your country from within.

It will succeed, unless America’s ‘immune system’ starts to kick in very quickly.


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11 thoughts on “Democratic Socialists of America Grows Like a Slow Tumor

  1. This is a huge cancer in America . It is unbelievable . These crazy people want to do to our beautiful country what Chavez did to Valenzuela , what Castro did to Cuba . This garbage impoverishes every country it has been tried in . How can anyone in the citizenry support this? Socialism means a lower standard of living , offers no upward ability and hope to escape poverty. They can take their garbage and choke on it. Far , far too many people are waking to what this President and these Democrats are doing to our country and we will fight to the end. If it takes a revolutio , so be it.

  2. You know, unlike President Obama, I AM a card-carrying member of the DSA. Since I missed the last issue of Democratic Left, I probably wouldn’t have known about the increase if you hadn’t posted it. Thank you so much, Mr. Loudon!

  3. “We attribute our continued growth to the fact that most poor, working and middle class people have experienced stagnant incomes in the last decade and income inequality has grown.”


    As to their banner statement that Obama is not a Socialist, well — then — what would they call him? A “progressive.” And that is different how? What measures are we using? That he’s not a card-carrying member of the DSA?

  4. For you, Michiana Voice, a list published one year ago.
    Keep in mind, a couple of these America Haters are no longer serving in Congress but it will stand to make us more aware and determined to discover who future candidates are and to educate our friends, neighbors and co-workers about these people with their anti-American agenda and twisted world view.
    We can no longer be too shy to inform those around us. There’s enough factual, documented information available to point to and share. I am, myself, slowly introducing information to a couple of my co-workers. Appeal to their particular interests. One gal is a devout Catholic so I gave her literature which exposes the true agenda of Islam by first, showing her the definition of the words, “taqiyya” and “kitman”. Bit by bit I introduce more info to dispel the lies of the left. The other gal wants to open a business so, I began with the facts about the anti-business policies and regulations of this Administration. From there I educated her on just who are paying the brunt of taxes in the US etc. I shared with them the difference between Keynesian economics and Austrian school; plus, They learned about the myth of the New Deal and the Depression and compare it to the Fair Housing Act and unsecured home loans while the DoJ defines Welfare as income.
    Slowly and with ultra politeness I try to win over folks. With respect to the black neighbors, I hand them copies of the little paperback “American History In Black & White” and I show them this
    which further opens their eyes to the reality of Democrat = lies.

  5. a listing of the socialists in the dem caucus should be pubished frequently to remind americns who they are and where they are

  6. Very nauseating! Socialists thinking people want other peoples stuff because they are lazy, good for nothing type individuals, who suck off of the system…Parasites is another word..

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