Occupy Wall Street Stages a Dry-Run

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From Occupy Wall Street:

On Thursday, Sept. 1st, a small group of demonstrators were met with police intimidation while performing a peaceful and legal occupation of a public sidewalk on Wall Street for a single night. Nine were arrested for disorderly conduct and later released without charge. One demonstrator was held for 24 hours because he was unable to provide proof of residency.

This demonstration was intended to serve as a one night test run for the September 17th occupation using the “legal encampment” strategy. According to a federal court ruling in 2000, the use of “public sleeping as a means of symbolic expression” is allowed on public sidewalks in New York City. (METROPOLITAN COUNCIL, INC., Plaintiff, -against- HOWARD SAFIR, Commissioner of the New York City Police Department, et al., June 12, 2000 [99 F. Supp. 2d 438; 2000 U.S. Dist.]). The demonstrators of Bloombergville also employed this tactic for an occupation that lasted a few weeks.

Despite fully obeying the law, demonstrators were still met with police harassment and intimidation. This event serves to remind us that we’re living in a police state with absolutely no respect for the right of the people to peacefully assemble and exercise their constitutional free speech. But we will not be scared away or deterred. This abuse of authority by the NYPD only serves to strengthen our resolve and reinforce our belief that corruption and injustice in America must be fought.

More will be coming September 17th.

It’s coming people. There will be violence – don’t be part of it.



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2 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street Stages a Dry-Run

  1. You people need to get jobs, be responisble and contribute something to society, not be a tick on the people who are responsible and are being forced to pay your way. Just look at it this way, go back thousands of years when in order to live you needed to provide your own food, shelter and always on the lookout for something or someone trying to kill you for your food and shelter or using you as the food. When people realized that when everybody contributed for survival as a group it made life better for everyone. So quit being the weak link in society and
    Start contributing.

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