Congressional Progressive Caucus Socialists Propose Alternative “People’s Budget”

The Congressional Progressive Caucus has issued an alternative budget calling for increased public spending, a “green economy”, defense cuts  and significant tax hikes, in order to right the U.S.’s struggling economy.

Congresssional Progressive Caucus co-chair Raul Grijalva

The Congress’ largest caucus, the 80-member group is largely made up of House Democrats, along with Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Tom Udall, D-N.M.

The Progressive Caucus is effectively the Congressional wing of Democratic Socialists of America and the Communist Party USA, and mirrors those organization’s policy positions on every significant issue.

From the Communist Party USA’s Peoples World

In a vigorous response to the House Republicans’ slash-and-burn 2012 budget proposals, the Congressional Progressive Caucus last week released its own proposal, “The People’s Budget,” which it says reflects “the values and priorities of working families in this country.”

In an April 5 statement, caucus co-chairs Representative Keith Ellison, D-Minn. and Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., called the House Republicans’ budget “a proven roadmap to ruin” for working-class Americans. “We support a budget that puts America back to work … that creates good-paying jobs rebuilding the roads and bridges we cross going to work every day,” they said. “We make sure that everyone pays their fair share, while ending wasteful defense contracts and costly wars. The People’s Budget shuts down corporate giveaways that put small businesses and workers on an uneven playing field.”

The centerpiece of the People’s Budget is the institution of a fair tax policy. The caucus calls for letting the Bush-era tax cuts expire at the end of next year, immediately rescinding the upper-income tax cuts agreed to in last December’s tax deal, and instituting several provisions to raise taxes on the very wealthy...

The Progressive Caucus’s proposals for creating jobs and restoring economic competitiveness go hand-in-hand. Rebuilding infrastructure both creates jobs in the near term and strengthens competitiveness in the long term; pre-K through higher education “is the most important contribution we can make to our economic growth in the long run.” Building a clean energy economy will both increase energy independence and help address global warming.

Another key plank is “a realistic reduction” in military spending that it says “would not compromise our national security interests or capabilities.” The caucus envisions ending emergency war funding starting in 2013 and saving $1.6 trillion by 2021. Growth of the Army and Marine Corps would be slowed as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars wind down, routine deployment of U.S. troops overseas would be reduced, and outdated cold-war weapons systems would be canceled.

Interviewed by Democratic Socialists of America friendly Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! April 11, George Soros‘ pet socialist  economist Jeffrey Sachs, who heads Columbia University’s Earth Institute, said of the caucus budget, “It actually responds to what the people want, and that is, raise taxes on the rich, raise taxes on the corporations that are getting away with unbelievably abusive loopholes, cut military spending, preserve spending for the poor, for education, for investment and so forth.”

Note the emphasis on reduced military spending, in order to maintain domestic spending.

This is the real end game of America’s internal and external enemies.

The steps are: Wreck the U.S. economy with irresponsible spending and tax hikes. Create public pressure for defense cuts. Destroy America’s ability to defend her allies and her national integrity. End U.S. sovereignty through a combination of military and political pressures. Establish a world socialist governing authority, with what’s left of America as an economic milking cow.


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8 thoughts on “Congressional Progressive Caucus Socialists Propose Alternative “People’s Budget”

  1. wow. we already spend 6 times more than our nearest competitor on defense. we’ve already thrown away tons of cash bailing out the corrupt finance industry, we’ve been giving money away to the uber rich and all the only message that some people come away with is that the progressive movement wants to destroy this country – from within yet!

    as an american living as a member of the shrinking middle class i am more concerned about helping other americans who are in the same boat as me – that’s it, period. that is the goal of the progressive movement. think about it – who is truly served by all of this paranoid fear mongering and welfare for the rich? not us – that’s for sure.

    i’m not buying Trevor – you are either seriously misguided or are yourself a shill for those that perpetuate the status quo.

  2. This proposal has success written all over it. Just look at how great the “green economy” worked out for Spain. And so what if PIMCO bound traders dropped US debt because it’s such a high risk.

    America will not survive 8 years of Obama and his socialist democrats.

  3. Remember when Grijalva mailed himself a white powder before the November elections ? Keith Ellison is a shill for Cair , end of story.

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