Red BRICS: “International Financial System Must Be Reformed”

Of the five countries listed below, four, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and China are led by current, or former communists – in the case of Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff and South Africa’s Jacob Zuma, former communist terrorists.

From Cuba’s Prensa Latina.

Beijing, Apr. 14 China repeated its call for reform of the international financial and monetary system, with better representation of emerging economies and developing countries.

Fair, inclusive, and well-managed systems must be established to support global economic development, President Hu Jintao sid during a summit meeting of the BRICS bloc in Sanya, on the southern island of Hainan.

The meeting included the leaders of the other member countries of BRICS: Brazil, Dilma Rousseff; South Africa, Jacob Zuma; Russia, Dmitry Medvedev; and India, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Hu rejected protectionism and advocated a just and equitable trade system.

The world crisis has led to many discussions on economic imbalance worldwide, he noted, saying that the worst imbalance is the difference in development between the North and the South.

Moreover, the inadequate development of poor countries is the worst global economic problem, he said.

Just what kind of “fair, inclusive, and well-managed systems” could Hu Jintao have in mind?

How does he plan to address the “difference in development between the North and the South”?

Anything we might possibly be concerned about?


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3 thoughts on “Red BRICS: “International Financial System Must Be Reformed”

  1. we tend to for get that commies,socialist,fascist of all stripe are the enemies of freedom.commies like president bongo think that all white americans are as foolish as those he met in collage.what bongo for gets is that most of us did not go collage for some leftist brain washing and we are not sissy boys who will go calmly in to the night.we are the 3% of the 150,000,000 gun owners who will fight to the death to keep our republic and constitution.we will not be disarmed by anyone like those people in new orleans were and we will shoot those who try it.what all these commie unions,politicians and collage boys forget is we are the armed citizens,not them.

  2. OMG!!! The picture of these little red goons looks like a scene out of “Team America”! The only thing missing is Kimjong ill in his gray quilt coat.

    Love your blog. Keep at it.

    There are things worse than death.
    Joe Norman
    Atlanta, Georgia USA

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