Watch Russia Today Anchor Boldly Quit Her Job on the Air: ‘I Am Proud to Be an American’ Media

By: Brent Parrish
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Well, this is something you don’t see every day. An American anchor for Russia Today resigned live on the air.

Via The Blaze:

American news anchor Liz Wahl quit her job at the state-owned TV network Russia Today live on the air Wednesday, saying she is “proud to be an American” and could no longer “be a part of a network that whitewashes the actions of Putin.”

Wahl said she is the grandchild of Hungarian refugees who fled brutal Soviet oppression.

“I am very lucky to have grown up here in the United States,” she said. “I am the daughter of a veteran, my partner is a physician at a military base, where he sees everyday the firsthand accounts of the ultimate prices that people pay for this country.”

“That is why personally I cannot be part of a network that is funded by the Russian government that whitewashes the actions of Putin. I am proud to be an American and believe in disseminating the truth. And that is why after this newscast I am resigning,” Wahl concluded.

Watch the video here:

Anytime I’ve posted a video from Russia Today (RT), I usually note that RT is a Kremlin-funded organization in the business of disseminating disinformation. Russia Today is not seen in Russia; it is produced for international consumption, and typically takes an anti-Western stance in its reporting.

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