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  1. I was with a lot of you guys supporting Rand Paul until I saw him promoting the “Right To Work” bill.

    We have had Right To Work in Florida for the past 20 or so years and the only thing this bill does is subvert the rights of the worker.

    It specifically gives big corporations the right to unfairly and unjustly fire anyone for any reason, what-so-ever.

    This is very convenient for these corporations when they have an employee who has been working faithfully for over 25-30 years and is nearing retirement.

    Rather than allow this employee to retire and draw his retirement, paid for out of the profits of the corporation, The Right To Work Bill allows the company to fire this faithful worker within days of retirement for absolutely no reason what-so-ever!

    So if anyone is pushing The Right To Work Bill in your state, it is probably a smoke-screen and this person is no friend of the people.

    He is an agent for big biz, big ag and probably big pharma, as well.

    1. you cant be serious afl cio uaw seiu and the like are worse than the big business.unless you want a socialist country.thank goodness we have right to work states so we can all foot the bill for all these democrat/socialist states that are bankrupting us through waste and abuse and a welfare state we should all be ashamed of.Comunism = Goverment controls the business,Fascism=business controls the goverment, both always end in tyranny

  2. Dear Dianne S,

    Thanks for the excellent video explaining what we are up against with UN global agenda, betrayal by our own presidents, republican and democrat and a basically a Chinese/communist takeover of our precious lands and liberty. It makes me heart sick. The thought that the next generations will be enslaved and imprisoned in megacities (cradle to grave) and never know the wonderful life and freedoms that we Americans have enjoyed is sickening.

    I hope to be voting for Rand Paul for president in 2012.

    God bless,


  3. Ron Paul gets it and he IS THE ONLY one we can trust at this point. In a book he wrote back in 2003 he told us of the boondoggle that was taking place at Fannie and Freddie and that we are going to experience a bubble burst in the housing market like no other in history. He has told us for years we were playing with funny money and must return to a gold standard, he has said for years we need to keep our money at home and stop funding countries that hates us. How could the people of Syria or any other oppressed country look up to the US when we are giving money to prop up their Dictators that are murdering their own people and keeping them poor while they live like Kings. Well this is what is going to happen to us. Ron Paul is truly our only hope. He also has been saying we must withdraw from the UN. So how could we lose with this statesman.


    “If we have to be conquered by destructive nuclear-age weapons, it will be considered a setback by the Kremlin. Their objective is to make the same use of the American people as they make of the Czechs in the uranium mines in Czechoslovakia, and as they make of the Chinese in the mills of China. We are to become subjects of a “New World Order” for the benefit of a mad little knot of despots in the Kremlin.”- Consultation with EDWARD HUNTER, CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, COMMITTEE ON UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, EIGHTY-FIFTH CONGRESS, SECOND SESSION, MARCH 13, 1958.

  5. New World Order — summarized this way for the majority of Americans and how we need to deal with it:

    “Leave our country alone and get out of destroying our freedoms and liberties…”

    Along the way, disband the UN, and turn its building into something useful such as office rental space or a nice museum.

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