Propaganda! America’s Enemies Attack US Defense Spending

Propaganda channel Russia Today is almost certainly, a tool of America’s greatest enemy, the Russian intelligence service.

Here Russia Today attacks US defense spending, in the wake of retiring Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ responsible warning against potentially disastrous Defense budget cuts.

Note the comments by John Feffer of the Institute for Policy Studies, an organization once described as the “perfect intellectual front for Soviet activities which would be resisted if they were to originate openly from the KGB”.

So Russia Today and the Institute for Policy Studies are both attacking US defense spending.

Why do you think that might be?


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4 thoughts on “Propaganda! America’s Enemies Attack US Defense Spending

  1. The Russians, like all other European nations, are practicing “raison-d’etat” diplomacy developed by France’s Cardinal Reichlieu. Germans call their version “Real Politik”.

    The object of this diplomacy is to employ a “stalling action” by participants who had lost an advantage in the “Balance of Power” structure untill they regain their political clout.

    Disadvantqaged paricipants have no intention of honoring their Treaty promises. As soon as they restore themselves to a position of superiority in the Balance of Power mechanism, they will ignor these commitments. The USSR has always done that. They are only interested in what benifits them. A typical exalmple are the Stalin-Hitler pacts.

    The US and England practice a type of diplomacy developed by Metternich of Austria called the “Holy Alliance” where nations deal with each other as brothers, adhereing to honesty and commitment to promises based in the Biblical Christian ethic.

    If we feel bound by rules, and others do not, we are at a distinct disadvantage in diplomatic relations. Will we ever learn?

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