4 thoughts on “Jack Cashill “Deconstructing Obama”

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  2. The sheer amount of evidence against his supposed books and speeches by many experts condemn Obama as a total, unmitigated fraud. He is “The Great Impostor” of our time, who has cheated and lied his way into the highest office possible. This consummate psychopath, like his birth certificate, is a total fraud, and deserves to be condemned and impeached, and all his decisions should be canceled and nullified. He should go down in history as “the UN-American,” whose name and picture should be left out of the list of U.S. presidents.

    May Heaven help us to come to our senses, for no doubt, he is a “curse” on us….

    1. Obamba is God’s punishment on America for it allowing innocent children to be murdered in the womb!

  3. Obama hasn’t told the truth about anyting yet, why should we believe him on this?

    He can’t even write his own speeches, he reads scripts written by others off a telepromter.

    When he ad-libs, he is almost incoherent, stuttering, stamering, having dificulty even finishing his sentences. And his worshipers ridiculed George Bush for not being an articulate speaker. Talk about hypocrites.

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