Russia Today Complains About Ron Paul Media Treatment

There is no doubt that Moscow backed propaganda station Russia Today, is correct in their allegation that Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul does not get fair treatment from the US “mainstream media.”

But then, what GOP candidate does?

The interesting question is, why does Russia Today champion Ron Paul, but not more sound national security candidates like Michele Bachmann or Rick Santorum?


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10 thoughts on “Russia Today Complains About Ron Paul Media Treatment

  1. Why? It’s simple: he has supporters who have the same “truther” crazy-vibe that RT staff do. You realize that Voice of Russia is broadcasting in NY and DC on the AM radio band –

    – without reciprocity.

  2. It could be a psychological operation, reverse psychology, to hurt Ron Paul’s chances in the States.

  3. Why does Russia Today champion Ron Paul? That’s an easy thing to understand. Russia Today has become well known as a tool of Moscow for propaganda. A lot of people have heard that and believe it. What’s the quickest, most effective way to discredit Ron Paul? Run a campaign through Russia Today. After all, gotta keep that “well, there oughta be a law” crowd in power… Something Moscow wants and knows how to promote.

  4. The reason the media is backing Perry,Bachmann and Mitt Romney is simply the US media is dominated by the Zionists and they want somebody they can control as President, just as they have been controlling Obama to crash America, as they say “All Roads Lead to Rothschild” go to this site also if you get a chance watch this movie ‘Obama Rothschilds Choice (Full Movie) Americas Jewish President’

  5. The reason why Russia is backing Ron Paul is that he’ll gut the military and will bring the troops home. Communism never died, it went underground to rise another day. That day is now. Russia is back to her expnsionist tricks and Ron Paul is there men. Chamberlain may I add. Paul is not a bad man, he just doesn’t believe we can afford all this militarism. Russia and China are on the move, a weaker military is what they want. They’ll take Ron Paul if they can’t keep Obama. If a terrible weapon hits America and done by muslims…it was cordinated by the Russians.

  6. Ron Paul is a tool of the left and Communists. What he does is use his very conservative stance on fiscal issues and uses that to undermine the whole movement through a radical leftist foreign policy stance.

    People have no clue what we are up against the communist control 99% of Washington if a conservative does not win in 2012 its over folks and you will see what I have seen for the past three years.

    Ron Paul is a radical dressed up as a fiscal constitutionalist. How can someone be so right on some issues yet agree with a radical like Mcgovern on another.

    Once again Paul is there to undermine the credibility of the conservative movement which is why he has so many kooks following him.

  7. He’s the only real tea party candidate. Bachmann’s handler Ed Rollins is NWO and is using her to knock Paul out. That’s all…

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