Kincaid and Loudon Discuss Panetta’s Communist Ties

Cliff Kincaid and Trevor Loudon, lay out some of their case against Obama Secretary of Defense nominee Leon Panetta.

Please view this video. If you agree with it, please send it to every contact you can. Panetta’s nomination must be stopped.


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13 thoughts on “Kincaid and Loudon Discuss Panetta’s Communist Ties

  1. I tried to put a link to your article on and for the first time ever they reviewed my comment. You guessed it they did not post it.

  2. If this is true–and it seems to be–why are there not any investigations? This is absolutely crazy that people like this could be in policy making positions. Even if it’s not true, why isn’t the allegation being investigated? Having a friendship with an agent of a foreign power (especially if hidden) is a serious allegation, which should be investigated simply because of the severity of the claim.

    I think people have this sense of security; they think: “that’s crazy… that could never happen here.” Why not? There are publicly available volumes about our own mingling in other countries’ governments. It could happen here. I just hope that (a) this is just paranoia or (b) there are some entrenched bureaucrats in the right places who can prevent some damage if this is really true.

    This all just seems crazy, but it’s believable. It would be a Trojan Horse.

  3. It’s just stunning to me that no one, not even FOX NEWS covers items like this. I guess they are comfortable with their heads stuck into the ground.

  4. Once again Loudon and Kincaid bring the US revolution to light. Are the documents available on-line? Somehow our neighbors must be awakened. I actually do not think most politicians and staff in DC see the US under siege; the people certainly do not.

    Thanks guys. Keep up the great work. You must post the docs though.

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