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Hatin’ on the Police – an Old Communist Strategy

The second half of 2014 was marked by a very intense anti-police campaign from the US left. In an obvious attempt to destroy public confidence…

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Chile Leans Communist

Chile, one of the few remaining bastions of freedom in Latin America, is in danger of going communist. A coalition of communists and socialists led…

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Communist Party Will Work With Democrats (and “Moderate Republicans”) to Give GOP a “Licking” in 2014 – A Lesson for the Tea Party

Sam Webb, Chair of the Communist Party USA wants to give the GOP a “Licking” in 2014 and its going to work even more closely…

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Weekly Featured Profile: David Axelrod

David Axelrod is a long-time friend of President Barack Obama. He successfully managed Obama’s 2008 and 2012 Election campaigns and currently serves as a Senior…

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Far Left “Think Tank” to Tour Chilean Communist Student Leader Through US Campuses

Far left Washington DC based “think tank” the Institute for Policy Studies has again shown its true colors, by inviting a Chilean student leader to…

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Russia and China Unify Further

Most Western policy makers work on the false assumption that Russia and China are competing states with separate interests. In reality, Russia and China are…

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Was Jesus a Communist?

Leading Chicago Communist Party USA member Roberta Wood and Communist Party Religion Commission members Pat Flagg and the Rev. Tim Yeager discuss the burning question…

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Kincaid and Loudon Discuss Panetta’s Communist Ties

Cliff Kincaid and Trevor Loudon, lay out some of their case against Obama Secretary of Defense nominee Leon Panetta. Please view this video. If you…

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Panetta Report 1: Leon Panetta Paid Tribute to Two Longtime Communists

In 1983, then Congressman, Leon Panetta, placed a tribute in the Congressional Record to two of his Santa Cruz, California constituents. The couple, Hugh DeLacy…

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Communists, Islamists – Unite in Jordan

All over the Middle East, Europe, even the US, communist and Islamic groups are uniting against their common enemy – us. From the Jordan Times…

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Valerie Jarrett’s Father-in-Law Was a Communist – Worked With Obama Mentor Frank Marshall Davis

Senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett’s late father-in-law and Chicago Sun-Times columnist Vernon Jarrett, was a key member of the South Chicago communist left of the…

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Greek Communists Organize Demonstrations “Like Those Which Are Taking Place in Spain”

From the Greek Communist Party (KKE) website: A Planned People’s Struggle is Necessary “The large majority of the workers, of the people must declare this…

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Top Communist – Labor Key For Obama in 2012

According to Ben Sears, Labor Editor for the Communist Party USA‘s Political Affairs magazine, organized labor will pull out all the stops for Barack Obama…

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