7 thoughts on “John Loudon – How to Win in 2012

  1. I didn’t know John was your cousin, it is a small world. I love him and Gina! What will John do in the 2012 election? I hope he lives in Chesterfield and can run to replace my congressman Todd Akin who will be running for the senate.

  2. the answer to anti-gun nut problem is exactly the same as the solution for the illegal alien criminal invasion of America… electing people ENMASS who will enfoce the Law as it is written… send the following to everyone you know and tell them to do the same.

    The single way to stop the destruction of America is to run 32,000 candidates in the 2012 election… which means, we field 2 people – 1 as a candidate in each major party primary, running for every office, County, State, and Federal, on a government by Law Platform. The government by law campaign points are :

    1. capture and deport all illegal alien criminals and charge the whole cost of each illegal alien occurrence to each illegal alien; and then, against the country of origin, charge a value equal to the whole illegal alien criminal costs against the nations from which the invading illegal alien criminals came;

    2. arrest and prosecute all government employees who use their office/position/public/private funds/employees in any manner that aids and abets illegal aliens; [here judges get rolled, cuffed, and stuffed by the court bailiff as per RICO.]

    3. arrest and prosecute all corporate/association/organization principles who use their office position – private public -funds – employees in any manner that aids and abets illegal aliens; [here, all foreigners aiding and abetting illegal alien criminals roll in as per RICO]

    4. arrest and prosecute all Media corporate/association/organization principles, talking heads, and principle owners/manipulators who use their media/access/control/position to aid and/or abet illegal alien criminals;

    5. arrest and prosecute all Attorney [corporate/association/organization] principles and principle owners – manipulators who use their commercial/public employee legal position to aid and/or abet illegal aliens;

    The opening 5 point campaign message from each candidate is timely and simple, each candidate says

    “I will secure the deportations of all illegal aliens, and the criminal and civil prosecution of every government employee who aids and abets illegal alien criminal activities – operations.”
    “Elect me now ! Elect me, I will use the office to compel the uniform operation and application of Law“;
    “I will uniformly enforce America’s unique practice of one common law – commonly applicable to all.”

    “When you vote honest people like me into office, replacing the current, criminal, government employees, there will then be no protection for the ousted incumbents… thus, the full weight of criminal prosecution and civil suit will operate against the evicted government employee criminals for each crime involved in being the agent of and/or otherwise aiding and abetting illegal alien criminals : illegal alien criminal enterprises.”

    Think about it, 32,000 candidates in the field during the primary election = 16,000 D candidates and 16,000 R candidates on TV and at every meeting, campaigning for Every public office, running on the issue of securing government by Law [see 1 thru 5 above] …a government that is : Free from the whims of the political charlatans who now occupy, obstruct, and/or refuse to carry out the operation of the Law; Free from the government employees who violate the public trust, loot the tax payers and country, aid/abet illegal alien criminal activities.

    If nothing else, the plan to use both parties to field and fund 32,000 primary candidates, all running for office on the government by law platform, should be discussed by the general political Voters. So, you have a duty to move the idea of instituting government by law to be the mainstream electoral discussion – with a healthy dose injected into all of the colleges and universities [in every case work in Austrian economics].

    The disgruntled voters : retired, set for life, young, old, middle class can easily locate one another, hire someone like me to tell them where to find the information they will need to straighten this mess out; then, those voters will organize, put in motion, and operate political solutions for America that do not involve bankrupting our country OR using public offices/funds to aid and abet illegal alien criminals : criminal enterprises.

    Thanks, Mark, 1meamark@gmail.com

  3. Let’s hope we have a true conservative candidate to rally around. With all due respect, I’d like to avoid Mr. Buckley’s advice.

    Much thanks for the outstanding and relentless efforts of the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition. I had no idea there was a connection with New Zeal.

  4. Thanks for the shout out cuz! New Zeal is the big time. Next stop is the cover of the Rolling Stone. One clarification, I do realize that the Berlin Wall is/was in, well, Berlin and not Fulton Missouri. At least that is where I was when I chopped that piece of concrete off it. Fulton is the site of Winston Churchill’s “Iron Curtain Speech” (Sinews of Peace) and the site of a huge piece of the Wall. Just to clarify.

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