9 thoughts on “Shocking Excerpts Read at Tucson School Board Meeting From A Book In The Ethnic Studies

  1. Hasn’t anybody had the sense to use Youtube Downloader to make a copy of this video, before the scum ‘Three Sonorans’ had it taken down? Now most of us will never see what is in it. Everybody who viewed it should have taken a copy, and then re-uploaded it to their Youtube account, and so on, so that the scum can’t censor it from us.

  2. Parents, scrutinize your child’s classroom curriculum and bring to light the trashing of our country – do not put up with it. Your child’s future is at stake and so is your country. This school board should be investigated and perhaps tried for treason as well as the school principals, teachers and unions that are calling for the overthrow of our Republic and brain washing our children to become militant socialists. There was a time when someone was found to be a traitor they were exiled from their country never to be allowed to return; we should start this practice again.

  3. This is a poor day for our country. I thank the parent who stood up for our children. This is the only way this indoctrination is going to stop. Stand up America, Stand up!
    We have to take the schools and our country back! This brave parent’s example is the way to do it. Expose and confront them. The more that stand against these invaders the more will come forward in support. You are not alone parents. Take the step our kids and country are at stake!

  4. This is what McCarthy was trying to warn us about. He was right. We should have listened to him, it might be too late now.

  5. I live in Phoenix, just a couple hours to the north of Tuscon; the fact is this has been going on in the states for longer than most people bother to consider. It is about time the matter is fully being brought into the light.

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